Hello beautiful people! My name is Natalie Bell but around these parts, I’m known as a social dynamo, PegCityLovely.

I am an OG blogger (est. July 2012), content creator, and real-talker who consistently infuses positive energy into everyday life as a method of influence. As a mom of 3, a glamma of 1, wife, daughter, sister, HR pro, speaker, coach, friend, and everything in between, I do my best to foster authentic conversations and make meaningful connections.

I am known for sharing who I am, unapologetically, while inspiring others to do the same, and having fun along the way (my kitchen dance parties are epic)!

PegCityLovely is a vehicle through which I share my lived experiences, messages of positivity, inclusivity, and local love. It’s a welcoming space and community for folks to come and be who they are, as they are while learning about others’ perspectives in a productive way. Finally, it’s my outlet for sharing cool products, recipes, events, parenting, healthy living, and lifestyle.


Thanks for coming by to check out this awesome lil digital space I’ve carved out for myself over the last 10 years. I look forward to getting to know ya!


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