The PegCityLovely blogging journey began in July 2012 and is continuing to experience positive growth and engagement in the online world!

Natalie is a working mom of three (toddler son, 2 teen daughters) but doesn’t always write from that perspective.  Natalie has a wealth of experiences to draw from as a manager, online shopper, daughter, friend, golfer, and nerd to name a few!  She’s a ‘Jane of all trades’ who refuses to be labelled as “just another mom blogger”!

PCL New Look COllage 4

With a knack for making interpersonal connections, Natalie is an energetic force to be reckoned with when it relates to the things and people she is passionate about.

Why not let Natalie put that energy to work for you?

PegCityLovely is a family friendly personal blog offering various types of social media marketing exposure such as reviews, giveaways, product promotion, sponsorship, interviews/profiles and more.  PegCityLovely has something for everyone!

Are you excited to partner with a growing, enjoyable, honest and credible blog? Work with me!

Please complete the form below or email natalie (at) pegcitylovely (dot) com to discuss your individual needs.

Thank you for your interest!


PegCityLovely is all about the convo - let your thoughts be known!

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