Convos that engage, enlighten and empower.

Where every episode is a celebration of shared human experiences and ideas that thrive. PegCityChat with Nat is more than a podcast—it's a movement sparked by diverse perspectives and stories that shape us. Connect, be inspired, and let's nurture a community of dialogue and change—one empowering chat at a time.

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Get ready to jump into a vibrant mix of life stories! Real insights from real folks, showing us just how diverse and rich our everyday adventures can be.

How to Explore Diverse Perspectives

How to Catch a Spark from Every Story

Every chat's a chance to soak in wisdom that'll boost your spirit. I'm talking real talk with real people – their journeys, their struggles, and those aha! moments. It's all about finding that spark to light up your own path.

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How to Connect Through Community

Curious about how our roots shape our stories? I'm all about that – linking our local experiences with global vibes. It's about coming together, sharing our truths, and celebrating our collective journey.

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Boosting Black-Led Non-Profits

I'm Natalie, your new convo buddy.

A storyteller at heart, I bring out the best in my guests, ensuring every story and voice is heard. Join me for engaging, human-centered conversations.

Hello beautiful people!

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Whether it's local stories that resonate with our immediate community or the kind of global vibes that remind us of the bigger picture, I'm here to explore it all. But here’s the real deal: it’s not just about varied topics; it’s about digging deep to find those real, raw insights from real people – like you and me. That’s what sparks change. And that’s what it's all about.

I truly believe in the magic that happens when people simply talk to each other. Every episode I create is like a rich tapestry, each thread an insightful conversation that somehow connects us all a little more.  

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