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I'm always excited to share my passion for positivity, authenticity, and community with others. Whether emceeing, delivering a keynote speech or workshop, as a panelist, or even a virtual chat, I'm ready to bring my energy and insights to your audience.

"Engaging. Inspiring. Fun!"

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"The most authentic natural fit for an emcee I've seen!"

"Wow, you sure know how to command a room!"

"Your energy is unreal!"

Ashley, Content Creator

" I am blown away at the expertise and advice Lily gave during the WomenTalk conference. I wouldn't be where I am today without having heard her sharing her journey with us.”

Ashley, Social Media Strategist

" It is absolutely incredible how listening to Lily speak changed my perspective in social media and content creation. I implemented her method and my growth skyrocketed by 65% in one week. ”

Hello beautiful people! I'm Natalie, the passionate voice behind PegCityLovely, a lifestyle brand that's all about celebrating joy, authenticity, and community. As a born-and-raised Winnipegger, I have a deep love for my city with a knack for uncovering and sharing its hidden gems as a "love local" enthusiast.
I have a unique approach to storytelling, community building, and social impact. I use my platform to share personal experiences, offer practical tips on everyday living, and inspire others to live a life that's authentically theirs. My talks are filled with warmth, humour, and plenty of real-life stories that connect with audiences on many levels.
Exploring a spectrum of topics, from natural hair care to grandparenthood, I've built a reputation for engaging audiences and fostering meaningful conversations. My passion for challenging the status quo and empowering my community makes me a sought-after moderator, panelist, and speaker, bringing a holistic approach and focus on creating safe spaces for authentic dialogue.
I'm excited to share my stories and insights with your audience. Let's connect and create an unforgettable experience together!


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