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How about some non-refrigerated Shelf Stable Milk for your cereal in the morning?  Milk Unleashed offers Moo-tritious options for you!

Yes, you read it right, regular milk that you keep on the shelf!  Believe me, I was a little skeptical too, however; after educating myself I was pleasantly surprised about how it all works.  This type of technology has been around since the 1960’s!

Ok, so let’s do a quick rundown about the how’s and why’s before we get to the fun!

What is it?

Shelf stable milk is also known as UHT (ultra high temperature) or aseptic milk, yes, very technical sounding but have no fear, these are industry terms.  For the rest of this review, let’s call it Shelf stable milk – it’s way easier!

It is Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened thanks to ultra pasteurization and the special Tetra Pak shelf safe carton.

Why is it not required to refrigerate it?

Well, this real milk goes through a different process than refrigerated milk.

The unique combination of pasteurizing milk at an ultra high temperature, and then packaging it in a Tetra Pak carton, results in milk that is shelf safe. Ultra-pasteurization eliminates bacteria and Tetra Pak shelf safe carton packaging keeps out light, air and harmful contaminants.

Is it real and just as nutritious as refrigerated milk?

Yup! Same milk, same nutrients!  Check out the nutritional information.

Why would I buy Shelf Stable milk vs refrigerated milk?

A few reasons: 1) convenience – can be taken anytime anywhere, 2) great for folks who are always on the go, 3) use less fridge space, and 4) never run out of milk – great for those Winnipeg blizzards haha!

Soooo, what do you think? Need more information?  Milk Unleashed has a great Frequently Asked Questions page for you to review and a ton of other resources as well. You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

Let’s get to the fun shall we?

As part of their exciting blog app launch, Milk Unleashed is giving an awesome gift pack to one fabulous reader of PegCityLovely!  The gift pack contains:

  • One liter of Shelf Safe Milk (Grand Pre or Baboo)
  • Three single serving shelf safe milks (white and chocolate) from: Chokeo Chocolate Milk, Grand Pre or Baboo
  • Brochure with information about Shelf Safe Milk
  • Plus, one bonus prize!


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Now that you’ve checked out the Milk Unleashed blog app, it’s time to enter to win the gift pack!


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