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Hot App Alert! New mobile grocery rewards program: freshPOINTS

Do you buy groceries? Do you have an iPhone? Do you love getting rewards for your purchases? If your answer is YES to all of these questions, have I got an app for you!

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freshPOINTS is the newest and hottest mobile grocery rewards app on the market!

I am already addicted to this app! I’ve scanned about a quarter of my pantry and I am well on my way to getting a gift card of my choice!!! I know I’ve previously shared my love for the Checkout51 app, well, I love this one too – they complement each other!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between the two apps:

freshpoints comparison chart

Ok ok, so clearly I am very excited!  How about I tell you how it works now? It’s super simple!

Step 1

Watch this awesome video for a quick overview

[embedit snippet=”freshpoints-video”]

Step 2
Download the app from the App Store

Step 3

Sign up and receive 50 points for entering your information, enter your demographics and receive even more points.  PLUS, as a valued reader of PegCityLovely, if you use the referral code: PegCityLovely you will get ANOTHER 50 points!!!

Step 4
Scan any grocery item in your pantry/cupboard and start earning points! You earn a point for every single item you scan AND get this, if the item doesn’t automatically load/show up, you get extra points for taking a picture of that item and adding it to the database!!!

Step 5
Earn bonus points for the items listed as specials and remember they are only listed for a specific amount of time.

Step 6
Once you’ve collected a minimum of 750 points, go ahead and order your electronic or physical gift card! Or if you’re like me, keep saving the points to get something super nice!

Pretty awesome no? I think so! No, I KNOW so!

Head on over to the freshPOINTS Facebook page and let them know that PegCityLovely sent you!  You can also follow them on Twitter for updates as well.


**Note: I did not receive any compensation or promo codes for this review, I just like to share the things I love!**


  1. tried the app last night. ADDICTED! cashed in early (although i want to save up) just to see that it sends out what was requested and in a timely fashion. will let you know how that pans out.

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