Old Navy Styles My Baby at Fabulous Prices!

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Dressing my baby boy has been quite the challenge as my first two children are girls and it was so much easier finding cute pink girly stuff everywhere!  There aren’t a lot of stores I’ve found that have affordable, fashionable and quality clothing for my son.  Old Navy exhibits all of those characteristics and has always been at the top of my list of great places to shop.

The Old Navy Kids & Baby sale ends on Feb 20, 2013 and is 40% off all kids and baby fashions whether you are in Canada or the U.S.!  It comes at a perfect time when my son is growing at such a rapid pace.  He’s 9.5 months but wearing clothing labelled 12 -18 months.  Plus, I am on my last week of maternity leave, which gave me plenty of time to get some shopping done (without interruption or timelines).

Weekday shopping is where it’s at folks! I went just before lunch, the store only had a handful of people and it was easy to find what I needed.   I had to remember to focus on getting clothes for my son first, not for my daughters, and not for me, so I bee-lined it to the back of the store to the baby section.

As usual, (and this is my experience at almost every store I go to), the girls section seems to overpower the boys section.  Why is that? I’ll save it for another post haha! Regardless, I was able to sort through a variety of sleeper/casual type items hanging on a wall section.

Old Navy baby boy 1

Then I walked over to a 4 foot shelf section of graphic onesies and shorts.  This section was the messiest, of course due to everyone rifling through to find the right sizes or cute sayings.  My suggestion would be to not have as many types on the shelf and perhaps add another shelf section to accommodate the volume and reduce the mounds of clothing.

Old Navy baby boy

Next up was the dressier/outfit/jackets section.  I love when my lil man is wearing outfits that make him look like “Daddy’s mini-me”.  All of the clothing was neatly organized by size and on hangers, it was hard not to take one of everything!

Old Navy baby boy

Overall another great shopping experience at Old Navy! Next time I’ll have to do some “Mommy only” shopping!

What better way to end this post than with a pic of my sweet baby boy in one of his new outfits! Pssst Old Navy, he’s available for modelling (wink, wink)!

old navy outfit baby boy

Have you taken advantage of this sale?  What types of outfits did you buy? What do you like best about shopping at Old Navy?

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