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5 Reasons You Need to Weight Train

Sexy curves.  You want them but can’t seem to figure out why, oh why, they are hard to get or keep for that matter!

I know and feel your pain.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been cleaning up photo boxes from our move back to Peg City from Vancouver. Oh, em, gee.

Check out this Marvelous Monday Memory pic of yours truly Miss Natalie 🙂

Now check out this before after shot of Natalie and myself.   Woweeee, lol!

Just think for a minute.  Think about the foods and drinks we consumed during the years of :

  • school books, papers, exams
  • career changes
  • in a relationship status(es)   lol
  • marriage
  • pregnancy, babies and the stages thereafter

Our bodies have gone through more cycles than a Maytag washer!

So when I get the oh so ever popular question “How do I get my body back?”  My response is, “Which one?” lol.

But seriously.  If you haven’t already started, it’s time to do it.  Now.  Lift weights.  Using your own body as weight is a great way to start.

Thoughts of weight training for women often conjure up images of big, bulky Supersize She look-a-likes.  Trust me, unless you have a genetic disposition to high testosterone levels or take steroids, the pros of weight training for women far outweigh anything.   Here’s why:

  1.  Weight training improves your appearance by building muscle tone and burning body fat.  As we age, strength and muscle mass decline.  This is why it becomes harder and harder each year to keep the body we had in our younger years.  In the past, weight loss for women focused heavily on jumping on the treadmill, hours on the elliptical and miles and miles of running.  But our muscles need more.  More stimulation, more nutrients and more weight.   For each pound of muscle gained, you can burn up to 50 more calories each day.  That means  the more muscle mass you have, the more fat will be burned all day long.  (this is the ultimate multitasking action right here!)
  2. Weight training makes doing daily tasks easier.  Weight training keeps muscles strong.  In order to build muscle strength, you need to overload your muscles with more stress (i.e. weights).   Know and stay focused on an identified fitness goal.  If you want to get in shape for the next boat race, incorporate workouts that include push up bars, shoulder exercises and back strengthening workouts.  But if you want sexy curves, then your program should be structured to include full body workouts with weights focused on your body shape.
  3. Weight training increases bone density fighting off osteoporosis and preventing injury.   Along with good nutrition that include leafy green vegetables, seafood and nuts, weight training just even once a week minimizes the risk of losing bone mass and experiencing fractures.  Decreasing estrogen levels, inactive lifestyles, lack of calcium, and those who excessively smoke tobacco and drink alcohol are at higher risk and can lead to extremely fragile bones.  According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, 1 in 3 women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures.  Don’t be that statistic.
  4. Weight training improves posture, balance and coordination.    How?  A strong core.  The muscles surrounding the back and abdomen make up the core.   Without core strength, you wouldn’t be able to stand upright, walk while carrying children or control movements when you shift weight in various directions (um, wearing high heels, UGG boots, climbing over toys?!…).  The best part is that there is no equipment necessary to improve core strength.  Your body weight is what is used.  Workouts like the plank, push ups, squats, lunges, back extensions and abdominal crunches can be done anywhere, anytime.
  5. Weight training not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good too.  Endorphins are the body’s natural pain-killers and are released when weight training is performed.  Research has demonstrated that many of our daily experiences along with their connected emotions are stored in various places in our body.  When we train with weights, mood elevates and the feelings associated with negative events can be released.  Rather than feeling anger, resentment and depression, you feel good, accomplished and overall, a happier person for it.

Now get up and away from your celly, computer or notebook and give me 20 squats, 10 push ups and 20 exchanges.  🙂

If you don’t know how to perform these exercises, want to learn more, or have questions about the best exercises for your body shape, feel free to contact me.

Sharing is caring!  What are YOUR favorite weight training exercises?


  1. I sooo need to get in shape. You're motivating me. I started out the year with a great goal, but I've completely fallen off track. Thanks for the push in the right direction. I'm now following you via bloglovin. =0)


    1. Hi Kim, I hate it when that happens. But think about it this way, bad days are good data. Why did you fall off? Was the goal SMART? I talk more about it on this post here http://sexycurves.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/want-s

      It takes time to think this through but it works wonders to keep me in check when my mind aka focus wanders off.

  2. With toddler twins, I am always "weightlifting" but your post has encouraged me to be more serious about it and get my free weights out!

  3. Carrie Butler says:

    I have always had quite well developed muscles, but I must say, the metablic benefits you get from weight training are fabulous. Metabolism is way quicker and burns far more calories! Always stretch though!

    1. Yes Carrie! glad to hear you've already reaped the benefits of weight training. Cardio can get boring and tedious. Lifting weights and experiencing constant improvement in our look, our clothes and how we move can never, ever get boring. Stretching is certainly important and I will cover that in an upcoming post 🙂

  4. I used to love doing weights, but I've developed psoriatic arthrits and just can't do it anymore, which is a real bummer. Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Anne. I'm not sure to what degree you have psoriatic arthritis but I would recommend you re-visit the issue with your physician or alternative health professional. Our bodies were meant to move, lift weight (even if it is our own) and feel free to enjoy doing so. You may just require some modified exercises but my point is to not give up! Nutrition and the types of food you eat may also help or hinder your condition – another avenue to explore 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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