May 1, 2013


Wordless Wednesday – Operation SOS: Save Our Sod

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I'm Natalie!

This pic of our backyard was taken earlier this week before the snowfall; however, the vole damage will still be there when it melts again. 🙁

Any tips on how to deal with this?

vole damage backyard

Vole damage – my backyard

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  1. loriag says:

    Poor sod!

  2. Susan T. says:

    Wow! Voles did all that? We don’t have them here so I can’t help. If you need cougar or grizzly tips I’m your girl! Lol!

  3. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I wish I had some advice. My lawn doesn't look much better though. It was a horrible Winter.

  4. Brandi says:

    Oh no!! That's awful 🙁 I wish I had some tips, but I haven't had an experience with voles (as of yet…knock on wood!). But we do have chipmunks that burrow around certain areas. Hope it gets better soon!

  5. Misfit Momma says:

    Wish I had some advice for you! I suppose the snow looked a little better then eh?

  6. mapsgirl says:

    Wow!! We have a small grub problem but nothing like that! What does google recommend?

  7. eek! No..My front lawn is all weeds not grass! 🙁 When we moved in 2 years ago both front and back yard was 2 feet tall. They ruined the lawn and we still haven't recovered it!

  8. mom2michael says:

    Tell people it's fancy crop circles?? Wish I knew anything that could help.

  9. Oh no! That's terrible! Our lawn is so hard that no critters can burrow into it, but it does mean lots of weeds and hard-to-grow grass! It's hard to catch a break sometimes!

  10. Brutal 🙁 We are having trouble with our lawn too! At least it made a cute design 😉 Could be the new trend???

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