August 7, 2013


Help #YOP Help You with Your Sleepy Teen

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It’s 12:30pm on a weekday during summer break. You text or call your teenager hoping that they’ve completed a few chores for the day, no response. At approximately 1:45pm after numerous texts and phone calls, you receive a text, and it reads: ‘Just waking up’! Sound familiar? This has been my reality with my teenage daughter for multiple days so far this summer. I even wrote about this last year!

I’m not sure what it is about teenagers but getting to sleep in is a very big deal.  How does one particular age group have hypersomnia symptoms? I just had to ask my mom if I was the same way back in the day and unfortunately yes, I was! However, today is a different era. Today is the era of having a cellphone literally attached to one’s hand (even while sleeping), never having to get up to answer a phone, and never having to get up to access the internet. It makes it that much easier to just stay in bed!

This is where parents have to really tune in to what types of things motivate their teens! As we inch closer to school starting again, I have to dig deep in my creative pockets for ways to ensure that my teen will have the necessary tools and resources to get up and at ’em every morning! Besides a functioning alarm clock I know that food items are a huge part of my daughter’s motivation – just the smell of bacon works quite well.  Additionally, having her favourite snacks and beverages on hand helps with her morning routine. One of her favourite morning drinks is YOP in strawberry or blueberry flavour. YOP is a yummy, energizing drinkable yogurt that is great for breakfast on the go!

Available in multipacks or individual sizes, YOP comes in many delicious flavours to satisfy even the pickiest of teens, stay tuned for Orange Blast, new to the repertoire.  It contains a ton of essential nutrients as well as lil boost of energy that most teens need to get going every morning.  Remember how I talked about creativity? Well, having the same YOP every day can get pretty monotonous especially to a teen, so why not try making smoothies by adding fresh fruits to your favourite YOP?

Are you feeling better about your teen morning situation? I am! Haven’t tried YOP before or need to add some to your refrigerator’s arsenal? No worries – Grab a free coupon for YOP on August 7th (while supplies last) on the Life Made Delicious Facebook Page!


Disclosure – I am participating in the Help YOP Help You Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Susan T. says:

    As a teen I loved Yop! It was often the only breakfast I would eat!

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