August 14, 2013


Kid-Friendly Hotels are a Treat! #FairmontCooksWithKids

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Last month I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing event with my children called “Fairmont Cooks With Kids” at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel right here in Winnipeg.

PicMonkey Collage

I was honoured to be amongst an amazing group of Winnipeg mom bloggers including Kristin from Born 2 Be Mom, Jody and Angela from Mommy Moment, and Nadine from Save Money in Winnipeg.

Once we made our way through the maze behind the offices of the Fairmont (pretty cool I must say), we were introduced to the kitchen and its many areas. We had a mini tour and it was so cute to watch all of the kids jaws drop after seeing so many pots, pans and utensils!

There were mini-stations set up for the kids with their own cool aprons that stated “Chefs in Training”. utensils, big balls of cookie dough and decorative treats. We were ready to bake!

FairmontCooksWithKids baking

My daughters were the oldest among the group so they had fun helping the younger kids but they were also given the honour of manning the oven by Chef Tim Palmer!

FairmontCooks 012

Their cookies were placed in the oven with care and as we waited for them to bake, we were treated to ice cream with access to multiple toppings! Yep, you bet I had some!

After what seemed like only a few minutes, the cookies were ready! Unfortunately some of the toppings Kiki used couldn’t withstand the heat haha!

FairmontCooks 014

These cookies were DELICIOUS and so fun to make!

FairmontCooks 017

After all was said and done , the moms walked away with a nice token of appreciation for participating as well. I loved the yummy flavoured teas!

The Fairmont may not be the first hotel that comes to mind if you’re looking to book a trip with children but after this visit, it’s clear that they are just as accommodating to families with kids as they are to business men and women.  It’s so funny to talk to my youngest daughter about the event and know that her primary thought was that Justin Bieber stayed in that hotel!  At least she knows something about the hotel, right? The Fairmont offers many activities and accommodations for those who do stay there with children.  From babysitting services to special meals, the concierge staff are wonderful and very knowledgeable about kid-friendly activities in the hotel and Winnipeg in general!

So, if you’re planning a trip to the ‘Peg and you have children in tow, don’t leave the Fairmont off of your list!

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  1. Suzie M says:

    Looks like great fun, Kids can get s bored in hotels

  2. Judy Cowan says:

    Wow that was great of the Fairmont! That was one big cookie, but it looked yummy!

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    that’s one big cookie! I’m glad the kids had so much fun and what a great activity for them, kudoos to the Fairmont for not leaving the children out

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