September 6, 2013


3 Tips for the Best Online Protection for your Family #ESETProtects

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In this day and age your family’s online protection is just as important as your family’s offline protection.  Offline we depend on our local police service, neighbourhood watch, friends and family members etc.  The online space is much more vast and seemingly much harder to protect.  We live in a world of convenience and the accessibility of the internet is always at our fingertips, especially with the addition of smartphones.

I have always been the ‘techie’ in my family and that has resulted in my daughters knowing how to use computers and the internet at young ages. I didn’t even really know how easy it was for them to be exposed to scams, predators, or cyber-bullying, it’s even more prevalent now. When I thought about internet security, I was always fighting to protect us from getting that ‘crazy virus going around’ or trying not to be hacked. Not to say that those issues have gone away but they seem minimal now with the many other ways you can be unprotected online. Over the years as I’ve educated myself, I’ve also imparted that knowledge on my girls as well. You protect your family offline so why not protect them online too?

3 tips to protecting your family online:

  1. Educate yourself and your children
    • Focus on knowing all potential online dangers not just viruses
    • Know the various ways to be exposed to the dangers and how they can be accessed whether its on a computer/laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  2. Parental Controls are your best friend
    • Whether you use a Mac or Windows based computers, all operating systems have parental controls in the Settings, seek them out and set them up!
    • Ensure that the are restrictive enough to still allow your kids to have a fun experience online
    • Your router for your home network can have parental controls as well. Guard your wi-fi access!
  3. Invest in the right software
    • ESET Smart Security 6 is a robust internet security program that will make protecting your family so simple!

esetprotects online security program

I’m excited to share with you that I am an ESET Smart Security 6 Brand Ambassador which means I’ll be sharing my experiences with you as I use this product over the next couple of months, and hey, there might even be a giveaway too!

As I mentioned earlier, Parental Controls are your best friend, and ESET has a simple Parental Control interface in this software that is also easy to understand. No technical mumbo-jumbo here!

Did you know that ESET Smart Security 6 also protects against Phishing? That’s another form of online criminal activity that can devastate a family. Phishing involves things as simple as an email asking you for personal information from what you believe to be a trustworthy source, but is actually a cybercriminal individual or organization. Phishing is getting more and more sophisticated so its important to have a tool that can help identify it and stop it.

ptpa approved software

There are so many features to this PTPA-approved software that I cannot fit them all in this post, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Being Parent Tested Parent Approved by consumers has a lot of value in my books!

Are you ready to pick up your copy today? Enjoy using this 15% discount on your purchase!

To learn more about ESET, stay tuned right here at PegCityLovely and be sure to follow ESET on Twitter and Facebook.


Disclosure: I am an ESET Brand Ambassador and I received complimentary product and compensation to facilitate this post; however, all opinions stated are completely honest and mine, all mine.


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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    ESET is my trusted security program, and I’ve used it for years. Definitely worthy of a PTPA award.

  2. upliftingfam says:

    I believe that educating your children and keeping open lines of communication and monitoring is very important. Most kids are naive and there are so many possible things that could go wrong if you aren’t monitoring your children online.

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