December 19, 2013


Great Family Tablet HP Slate 7 #HPFamilyTime #PCLGiftGuide

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The HP Slate 7 is the newest offering in tablets from HP Canada.  As a busy yet technologically savvy family, we like to be able to access the internet quickly and easily. There are many times where we are sitting on the couch and want to Google something we’ve seen on a commercial or check out the store of that new item the kids are in love with. The HP Slate 7 is small enough that can fit in my purse and scarily in between couch cushions! It is also Android based so once it loads, getting to the apps you need is very efficient.

Everyone in our household knows how to use the tablet; yes, even our toddler! He loves to play Pango’s Playground, read Ollie the Cat and watch Elmo’s World on YouTube.

In addition to using the tablet for quick internet search ability, my daughters love watching YouTube and NetFlix, plus my fiancé and I compete against each other on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 app (yes, I win all the time)!


Ok so here are the goods:

What I Love?

  • Size – Small enough to fit in my purse, which makes it extremely portable and a great distraction when waiting at the doctor’s office or occupying the kids’ attention as we drive all over the city. It’s a great ‘In between” size – not as small as phone and not as big as a laptop or netbook
  • Price – very affordable for a comparable tablet on the market – You can buy the HP Slate 7 on for only $149.99
  • Operating System – I love the Android system as it relates to tablets, it just makes things so much easier to use. Very smooth and once loaded, easy to navigate.

What Needs Work?

  • Initial Load – it takes a while to load up when turning on  – however once it loads, moving through the apps is quick
  • Weight – Even though it a nice compact size – it definitely has a little bit of weight to it, almost as much as my phone?
  • Audio – I was blown away that the audio is the BeatsAudio however when we just listen to the speaker vs any other tablets etc , we can’t tell the difference.

Overall the things that I love about the HP Slate 7 far outweigh the things that I believe need work. It’s a great addition to our family! I love that we were fortunate enough to receive one of the last red ones, ain’t it purrrrty?!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary HP Slate 7 tablet to facilitate this review. All opinions are expressed are honest and mine, all mine!

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  1. mrdisco1 says:

    i love my tablet. great piece of tech

  2. Susan T. says:

    This looks like a great tablet and a really good price too!

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    would love to have a tablet!!

  4. mrdisco1 says:

    that’s a neat piece of tech

  5. Rick F says:


  6. Tara E says:

    would love one of these to do all my online business work on.

  7. jan says:

    I would look forward to using one of these, especially since it is Android based

  8. hmrcarlson says:

    I don’t have a tablet. This sounds like a great one to start with!

  9. My youngest son loves his tablet. We picked up a cheap one similar to the one you received.

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