What To Do When Wedding Planning Hits A Snag

couples wedding planningWe’ve been engaged for almost a year (April). I keep seeing the advertising for the Wonderful Wedding Show here in Winnipeg on January 18th and 19th , wondering if I should attend or not.  I should be over the moon with wedding planning, reviewing bridal magazines, thinking about photographers, and attending the wedding show, right?


As I sit and think about it, I’m just kind of ‘meh’ about it all.  However, there are a couple of factors that are affecting my sense of urgency towards my “special day”!

My mom passed away…and ever since then I’ve lost my wedding planning mojo. When we found out she was terminal we were trying to fast-track the wedding so she could be there but alas, it didn’t work out that way. Mom said she just wanted us to have the wedding WE want even though she knew she wouldn’t be attending, and that is what is most important. It’s constantly in my brain, sometimes overwhelmingly so. She should be with me as I pick my dress, as we pick venues etc. I know she’s guiding my decisions though and I take solace in that.

My cousin also got engaged near the end of 2013. At the family Christmas gathering there were exuberant talks of a double wedding in the spring of 2015 (she also wants to have a destination wedding).  Everyone is excited. That was all fine and good but as the holidays have passed and we’ve actually had time to think about it, we could see quite a few issues logistically.

We realized that our priorities for our wedding will never be the same as anyone else’s. We don’t want the undue pressure to pick the same week/time so that everyone in the family can attend.  We don’t want to agree to a resort or location that wasn’t one of our top choices.  We want our wedding to be about us and only us, period.

That is exactly what it will be. Me and my honey, all lovey dovey with our kiddies, family and close friends to share it all with us!

We will take our time. We will save our money and DO IT UP! We will research photographers at our leisure. We will research resorts and locations when we’re ready. I will take my sister, my daughters and my girlfriends on a weekend spree of our own “Say Yes to the Dress” craziness! We will have fun. We know that the people that are supposed to be at our wedding will be there and we will be surrounded by love.

And you KNOW I’m gonna blog about it 😉

Have you ever been in a wedding planning rut? I’d love to hear your experience and any tips you have to share!


  1. It is extremely stressful planing a wedding let alone having the death of your mother in the middle of it all 🙁 I can so understand that you chose to take you time. In the end all one remembers is the smile on your partners face as you say I do 🙂

  2. A couple needs to do what is right for them and not worry about the rest. My sister-in-law got married to her groom by my husband in his hospital room. It isn’t the party that counts, it is the commitment.

  3. Definitely do your wedding the way that YOU want. We skipped the bells and whistles and had a nice intimate wedding with about 20 guests – all of the people we are closest to. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
    Enjoy your planning and moseying toward your wedding day.

  4. It is so important to do your wedding your way. It is your day and it is important that it is special to you and your hubby! We had some issues when we were planning ours and finally said enough was enough, stood up for what we wanted and did it our way….in the end it may of not been what others liked but to us it was PERFECT! Just remember that your Mom will be with you on the day.

  5. My MIL-to-be passed away suddenly right after hubs and I were engaged. She was so excited to go dress shopping (hubs was her only child and she was excited for girl time!!) and unfortunately we did not get to shop for my dress together. She always teased us that she would wear a HUGE English style hat to our wedding with giant flowers and it was our joke. When I had “found the dress” and was going to pay the sales lady had to move a HUGE hat off of the cash register. I like to think it was my MILs way of saying she was there.
    Your wedding. Your terms. Your timeline. 🙂 Much love.

  6. The Wonderful Wedding show is fun, but kind of stressful. You get a LOT of information, and then it takes time to go through everything and decide on things.
    If you’re looking for a photographer still, though, http://www.denleythiessen.com/ is amazing! He took our wedding pictures on a Saturday, and we had the disc with the finished photos the next monday

  7. Your mom is with you ALL the way through your planning Natalie 🙂 And every time you smile or find something you love or inspires you for your wedding, I’m sure she’s smiling with you. My hubby and I got married for US, not anyone else. It’s your wedding and your day, and make sure you do it how you want to do it. Never settle. Make sure that whatever you plan – big or small – that you focus on your own idea of what that day will be and mean to you 🙂 *HUGS*

  8. I’m happily common-law and not in a rush to make it an official marriage…so not much personal experience. My Grandmother was killed by a drunk drive while taking my mom and dad out to buy their wedding present. Reading this made me think of what my mom just have been feeling having to get married without her own mother present. Sadness.

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