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I blog a lot about pictures: printing pictures, taking pictures, framing pictures but I have yet to write about backing up your pictures, so here we are! The Picture Keeper is a must-have item if you have a large volume of pictures like I do.

I personally have a ridiculous amount of pictures on numerous devices. There are pictures on both laptops in the house, there are some pictures on a couple of hard drives, a bunch of pictures in the Cloud, more pictures in DropBox and of course a crazy amount of pictures on my smartphone. What on earth would I do if I were to lose them all? I’d freak out! I needed a way to organize my pictures in such a way that they are easy to retrieve and safely stored.

Picture Keeper out package

I still can’t believe the power that this Picture Keeper has considering its size. To give you a sense of it’s actual size I put it next to a new book of stamps.

Picture Keeper size Stamp booklet

I received the Picture Keeper P8 to review. I couldn’t wait to see how it would work. Would it really skip duplicates and find every single picture I had on my laptop? I figured I was well below the ‘up to 8,000 photos’ that it can hold.

The process is really quite simple as its plug and play. Connect the Picture Keeper to your computer and let it do the work!

picture keeper

Once you press Start Backup it begins searching for all of your picture files.

PK Screenshot Search

It’s amazing how fast this process takes! Check it out in action:

Picture Keeper Demo PK8

I had almost 5,999 photos once it was done. Yes, almost 6,000 pictures! WHAT!?! I know, that’s crazy…but it’s my reality!

Unfortunately, my pictures must be 1MB or more because the PK8 Picture Keeper could only backup 1,800 photos. Clearly, I need to manage my photos a lot better and get another Picture Keeper. Thankfully there are 4 different models to choose from:

PK4 (giveaway model)

PK 4 

Holds up to 4,000* photos 


Keeps up to ~4000* pictures safe! 

*ESTIMATE – based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK 8 

Holds up to 8,000* photos 


Keeps ~8000* pictures safe! 

*ESTIMATE – based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK 16 

Holds up to 16,000* photos 


Keeps ~16,000* pictures safe! 

*ESTIMATE – based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK Pro 

Holds up to 250,000* photos based on a 1MB photo size. ( drive color may vary) 


How would you like to win your own Picture Keeper? All you have to do is enter the giveaway below. This giveaway is open to CAN/US and ends March 29th, 2014. Good luck!

[embedit snippet=”picturekeeper-pk4″]

Disclosure: Picture Keeper has agreed to giveaway the PK4 device. I was not paid in cash for this posting. I was sent a product for review and the opinions expressed are mine, all mine.



  1. I have over 1000 on my phone alone ! and i dont know how manyon sd cards and gard drives this would be a life saver to have them all saved together

  2. The amount of pictures I have on ALL of my electronic devices? Wow! If I had to guess I would say at least 30,000! I’m a photo-aholic! LOL!

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