Gearing Up For The Ultimate #NYC Adventure #PCLinNYC


It’s actually happening.

A lifelong dream realized.

The ultimate mommy only getaway/adventure. For me, by me, all about me!

PegCityLovely is going to NEW YORK, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing I can’t do”!

Yeeeeesssss, I’m booked folks!  A  few months ago, I attended an event where I won a gift Card from Flight Centre and this is how I’m using it! Passport is ready to go!

I am finally going to the Big Apple for the very first time, and you KNOW I plan on taking a BIG ‘ol bite!


C’mon, you MUST know how excited I am considering I created my own hashtag – this is no joke! All the better for you to follow along my dears! It requires documentation of the social media kind 😉 It’ll be like you are all right there with me!(well kinda, not really)

It is going to be EPIC. Seriously.

I will be Sex and The City-in, Gossip Girl-in, Broadway-in, Statue of Liberty-in, Times Square-in, Brooklyn Bridge-in, Museum-in, celeb stalkin, nyamin (that’s Jamaican for eating) and so much more!

I will pack in as much as I physically can for this trip, I want to experience as much as possible within 4-5 days and blog about it all the entire time! If anyone can do it, it’s me – FOR REAL!

My to-do list is almost as long as my to-bring list lawd! The two most important things to me right now? A camera, and if I don’t get a camera before the trip then I need a miraculous roam-free plan for my smartphone! Oh yea, and a great yet inexpensive hotel, I might need that too teehee!

Ok my beautiful people, those of you who have been to New York or live there need to start hooking me up with tips and suggestions ASAP cause I am building my itinerary as we speak/type!

Help a girl out! Where should I go, what should I eat and who should I see?!





  1. I would love to visit NYC and shop and eat! Lol! I wouldn’t know where to start either!

  2. are you even sleeping? I’d be so excited and pumped I wouldn’t be able to sleep, I would love to go there, there is a couple of people I would love to meet in NY at The Wooster Social Club. So excited for you, your going to have a blast!!!

  3. Oh wow! I am green with envy! 🙂 That is such amazing news! NYC is on my list of places I MUST see in my life, for sure..

  4. I have never visited NYC so I am going to have to experience it vicariously through your posts :).

  5. Brandee H says:

    I have never been to NYC. I am sure you will have an amazing holiday!! Have fun!

  6. NYC is such an amazing city! So much to do there. I wish to get back.

    If you are going to take in a museum or gallery, I’d suggest: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and also MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). They are amazing.

    Maybe go to Harlem and take a Gospel Tour.

    A small tip: If you are taking a taxi or a car service anywhere, make sure to give them the cross streets of your location when you want to get picked up.

    Find out more local and tourist reviews on Yelp.com; it’s where I go to find recommendations and reviews on restaurants, hotels, attractions, shopping, etc.

    Bon voyage.

  7. Have yourself an awesome time!!! It’s such a busy city you’ll have lots to do and see, can’t wait to see all the pictures you take

  8. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip! Can’t wait to read about it!

  9. Once upon a time when I was fairy young…I stood atop the Emprire State building….the cars below looked like part of a toy city from so high above! Sweet and fantastic NY memory!!

  10. how wonderful have always dreamed about going there
    will have to live vicariously

  11. Jen Conlin says:

    Ohhh This is a Trip of a Lifetime! Enjoy!!!

  12. How exciting!!! You’ll have a blast. I recommend hopping on the subway to check out the new twin towers. Time Square of course and a cart ride around central park too! I would love to get back to NYC. It’s such a bustling city. It does smell bad in the heat of summer, but you get used to it. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

    1. Exciting isn’t even the word! Thanks for the tips! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to contain myself 🙂 Gotta get my basics together and then it’s ON like Donkey Kong! I know you’ll follow along with me 😉 If you think of anything else, restaurants etc, let me know!

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