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Create A Positive Effect In Your Life With #KarmaWellness #DrinkKarma

What comes to your mind when I say the words Vitamin Water?

I could rattle off a few different brand names I have tried or seen advertising for, but I don’t need to! I say Karma Wellness Water instead!

Karma Wellness Water is a truly enlightened product, born out of the idea that what goes around comes around. A product based on the simple belief that if you do something positive—for others, or for yourself—you’ll get something positive back in return.

Yes, we are still talking about water! Sounds wonderful though, doesn’t it?

#drinkkarma #karmawellness

We have recently had the opportunity to try Karma Wellness Water products in our home and we love it! One more awesome product to add to our weekly grocery list. Check out my video review:

Quick recap:


Karma Wellness Water:

  • Safe for all – kids, seniors, diabetics, and more
  • 5 delicious flavours all focusing on a different area of your mind and body
  • Always fresh! Vitamins are stored in an airtight cap until you are ready to use them
  • Each bottle has your daily recommended intake of vitamins


Head on over to karmacanada.ca and enter to win $2,000 towards the cause/charity of your choice! Ends September 15, 2014.

Have you tried Karma Wellness Water? Which flavour is your favourite?

10 thoughts on “Create A Positive Effect In Your Life With #KarmaWellness #DrinkKarma”

  1. I have not tried it but have read several reviews about it. I like that you don’t add the vitamins until you are ready to drink it. Will have to try it at some point!

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