4 Reasons Why Ford Explorer Makes The SUV Shortlist #FordMB

A few weeks ago, I stayed glued to my social feeds as I watched fellow bloggers and media peeps attend #FordNAIAS, the exclusive Ford invite to the Detroit North American International Auto Show.

I remember when I attended last year and the unreal effort Ford puts into their vehicles and marketing. My blogger friends Vern from MoVernie on the Move and Nancy from Whispered Inspirations both attended again this year, and Vern wrote a great post about what to expect from Ford, while Nancy featured new Ford innovations such as Ford Pass in her posts.

I know I was only at #FordNAIAS 2016 in spirit, but I recently had the very fortunate opportunity to test drive the 2016 Ford Explorerand that was just as great! Ok, not quite, but close.


If you are in the position to be looking for a new vehicle/SUV, then I have four pretty important reasons for you to consider adding the 2016 Ford Explorer to your shortlist:

  • Fuel Economy thanks to the EcoBoost engine
  • Lane Keeping System to keep you alert
  • Terrain Management System that determines vehicle/road conditions and lets you shift on the fly
  • Spacious seating for up to 7 people and the simple flexibility to reduce seating as required

Don’t just take my word for it, see these features in action!

Other new technologies for 2016 include:

  1. Front and rear cameras with washers: Both have wide-angle lenses and come equipped with a washer – a class-exclusive, segment-first feature
  2. Enhanced active park assist with perpendicular park assist, park-out assist and semi-automatic parallel parking: The system uses ultrasonic sensors and electric power-assisted steering to help drivers with parallel parking and perpendicular parking maneuvers. Enhanced active park assist includes park-out assist to help a driver pull out of parallel parking spots. The system controls the steering wheel, while the driver operates the accelerator and brake pedals, and shifts the vehicle into gear
  3. Smart-charging USB ports: Located in the front and rear of the vehicle are USB ports able to charge smart devices up to two times faster than conventional ports
  4. Hands-free liftgate: A customer need only kick his or her leg below the center of the rear bumper to open or close the liftgate
  5. Industry-exclusive Sony® Audio System: Explorer Platinum will be the first Ford vehicle to get an all-new 500-watt Sony Audio System with Live Acoustics™ and Clear Phase™
  6. Active Grille Shutters: Upper and lower fascia openings close at highway speeds to reduce drag. At low speeds, the shutters open to deliver airflow to cool the powertrain
  7. Air curtains: Standard air curtains create a high-pressure region of air that impacts the outer surface of the wheels and tires. The result is airflow held close to the vehicle body, minimizing drag

I think I’m still in shock about how the Enhanced Park Assist works from when I had the chance to use it in the Ford Edge!

Last but by no means least, there’s a feature that I would call an absolute perk or perhaps a necessity depending on the length of time you are driving in your car every day. Brace yourselves…

  • Multi-Contour Front Seats!

2016 Ford Explorer

I wasn’t successful in recording how these seats work, but let me tell you, for both driver and passenger, it’s like sitting in a dream! These seats gently massage your lower back and thighs, yes, you read that correctly.

It helps to relieve stress and increase blood flow. A video wouldn’t do it justice anyways, just book a test drive and you’ll see what I mean!

Do you own a Ford Explorer? What do you love most about it?


  1. I have a mini van but often wish I had an SUV like this!! Especially on snowy days like today!! Ford sure does make nice rigs 🙂

  2. It sounds great! We do buy Ford vehicles but right now all we are able to afford is a Focus (but it is also a great car!)

  3. This was an interesting read…I’m usually a Chevy girl, but the new Ford’s have a lot of features I’d really enjoy!

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