A PegCity Welcome to Save-On-Foods

As a Winnipegger, I’m always excited to see new businesses come to our city to flourish, and I know the Save-On-Foods launch in Winnipeg will be no exception.

It’s definitely not a secret that Save-On-Foods will be bringing fresh new competition to the Winnipeg grocery store scene. It’s been all over the news, and they are ramping up their visibility as the grand opening date (Saturday November 19th) nears. Oh, and they won’t be opening just one store that day, it will be all 3 locations, at the same time! Bridgwater Centre, St James Station and Northgate Shopping Centre (the flagship location) will all be ready for the Winnipeg masses in less than a week!

Even though they are new to Winnipeg, I’ve had numerous friends from Western Canada who now live in Winnipeg vouch for the quality and I think they just might be more excited than I am for Save-On-Foods to open!

I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the Northgate location last week, and you wouldn’t believe me if I just wrote about it so come on a lil journey with me, check out this video:


Ok, let’s get into the goods!

The Fresh Solutions section will have a weekly recipe demonstrated by a chef, every single week!

I love the size and diversity of products available in the Natural Choices section.

One of my favourite areas in the store is the Hot Meal/Kitchen area. Pick up a meal, and sit with your family in the large dining area. It’s truly not just about grocery shopping, it’s a destination market experience.

There are ample outlets on the tables and seating located in the Hot Meals dining area. Bring a laptop, charge your smartphone while you eat, perhaps for a lunch meeting. I didn’t capture it in the picture but there is a Starbucks Coffee to the right of this table as well!

Tim (Store Manager) and Ben (Regional Director) are so welcoming and excited to open the doors!

The Seafood area is unreal. Large tanks will house lobster, live tilapia and king crab – in addition to oysters, mussels and other fresh seafood.

DID YOU KNOW? One of the great features of the new Save-On-Foods Northgate location is the wide variety of International food options available?

From the Philippines, to Southeast Asia, to Mexico, to the Caribbean, to European food, the Save-On-Foods Northgate location has it all! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much varieties of Polish mustards (my fiancé will love it)!
The picture below is just the aisle of soya sauces!!! Seriously, there are that many?
Last but not least, there is a Sweet Shoppe area that I literally promised to live in. Honestly, they could just set up a cot for me in there! They have a ridiculous amount of fun, delectable creations. There are a gazillion types of fudge, chocolate covered liquorice, marshmallows, pretzels, various flavours of popcorn and candy apples that look so intricate you don’t want to eat them, you just want to look at them! Thanks to the folks at Save-On-Foods, I received my very own box of sweet treats to try.

DID YOU KNOW? PegCityLovely will be giving away Save-On-Foods gift cards with each upcoming post?

Over the next few weeks I will continue to share all of the features and benefits of the fresh and new grocery shopping experience at Save-On-Foods.


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Stay tuned for more information about the Save-On-Foods launch in Winnipeg right here on PegCityLovely and of course throughout my social feeds. Not only will I show you each aspect of the store, I’ll have fun giveaways along the way!

Based on my post and video, what are 3 features that get you excited about the Save-On-Foods launch in Winnipeg?


53 thoughts on “A PegCity Welcome to Save-On-Foods”

  1. I LOVE the market appeal – my husband will be in heaven! As will my kids for the candy and frozen yoghurt! For me, it will be the varieties of both local and imported foods. Yippeee!

  2. I have not been to the Save On Food stores yet but after seeing all the advertisements I sure plan on checking it out.
    I only wish the south end of Winnipeg would have a store location.

  3. I love the addition of the very modern hot meals dining area~ so cool, a great place to hang out! The sweet shop offers so many varieties of yummy treats & I also am pleased to see the International foods, so many delightful ethnic wonders!

  4. ii like the cooked meals and tables – i work near bridgewater, so this will be a hot spot for lunches.
    and of course the sweet shoppe and the variety of mustards!

  5. Margaret Mckenzie

    I am looking forward to the Seafood section and the aFresh Solutions area. Also the hot meal dining area is great. I always get hungry when I’m shopping. Your video is fantastic. Now I know what to expect when I visit the store.

  6. We are excited for Save on Foods to finally open – we are just a hop skip and a jump away ! I am looking forward to the seafood area, the International Foods section and the Sweet Shoppe !

  7. It will be great to have another shopping choice that seems to have a very diverse selection of foods and services. Im looking forward to checking out the frozen yogurt, sweets shop and seeing what sorts of recipes the chef will be showcasing 🙂

  8. I’m a big fan of making fried rice.. so I’m excited to see what kind of soy they have! The eat in area looks like it might be a good place to have impromptu meetings, and I look forward to seeing if the sweet shop has a few varieties of popcorn!

  9. I’m excited to see the whole store! But to get a little more specific… I’d love to see a chef demonstrating a new recipe each week, I’m excited for the hot meals/kitchen area and I really am looking forward to that big natural foods section. I’m surprised the locations will open all at once! I’m going to put off my next big shopping trip until then. 😀

  10. THe sweet shoppe looks amazing! as does the basket you received!! I also like the hot meals dining area and the fresh Solutions area!!

  11. The Frozen Yogurt Bar,The Choose Local,Eat Local , I love buying local produce and the fact that its close by , and I can’t wait till its opened so I can go check it out

  12. The 3 features I am most excited for are the weekly recipe demonstrations, the hot and ready foods and the sweet shoppe,lol. So excited that a store is really close to me also!

  13. What didn’t catch my eye?! I really love the International foods (hello fresh tortillas?!), the sweet shoppe and the Hot Meal area!

  14. I am looking forward to finally using my More Rewards card!
    Fresh tortillas, Dimsum, a great selection of products!

  15. Really looking forward to the dim sum bar, fresh solutions and the international foods. I live in the south end but will happily travel to the north end for the larger store.

  16. Three things that I am excited for: definitely the sweet shoppe, the international section, as well, I am simply excited to have a new grocery store option to shop at, especially since I’m in the north end of the city, where new store seem to a rarity – everything goes into the south end of the city!

  17. I’m glad you made the video tour for your followers – fun and informative! I am looking forward to checking everything out on the 19th – especially the Hot Meals area, the Choose Local,Eat Local and the Frozen Yogurt Bar. I’m also very interested in the pharmacy area cause I have a friend who will be working there!

  18. The live seafood looks amazing!! Will definitely have to check that out.
    The international selection and hot kitchen look good too 🙂

  19. Three things – the sweet shoppe, that aisle of soya sauces!! And the seafood area. My husband is a seafood lover so it will be nice to find some good stuff for him there.

  20. Can’t believe I’m at a age where I get excited for a new grocery store. Can not wait to try the hot take out foods, local foods because I know there has to be so many I have not tried and should. Also the sweets look like they would make great gift baskets or stocking stuffers!

  21. I’m most excited about the Seafood area, I love fresh seafood. Second, the Fresh Solutions with the weekly chef demonstrations, I love to try new recipes. Third, the wide variety of international food options, trying recipes from other countries is something I enjoy and it’s sometimes difficult to find what you need for the recipes.

  22. I love the hot meal area very much! But you had me at Sweet Shoppe for sure! It looks like a great store with terrific ambiance.

  23. Choose local, eat local section, the dim sum bar, and those tortillas! Your video is enticing, and that laugh! Made me laugh. Can’t wait to check it out, it WILL be a happening place!

  24. I am especially intrigued by the Sweet Shoppe, the large selection of International Foods and the Cooking Demonstrations. The store layout and design is very attractive to the eye.

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