November 5, 2017


Why We Are Sticking to Our Family’s Sunday Routine

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Weekends around our house is like having another job to go to.

Extracurricular activities, events, family gatherings, dinner with the in laws, visits from friends, cleaning the house, running errands and the list goes on.

A while back my husband and I decided that we would dedicate Friday evenings and Saturdays for all of the “must-do” items around the house etc, so that Sunday is our day to reconnect and chill before the craziness of the week starts again.

It’s our one day to “sleep in”, whatever that means haha! My body still wakes up around the same time it does during the week so many times I just get up, make myself some tea and read.

Sunday is also the day we make a big breakfast.

During the week breakfast consists of instant coffee, travel mugs, and packets of oatmeal. Most days I just eat when I get work, so it’s nice to sit and have a full meal together without rushing.

Sundays are also for getting work done but there is a time limit. For example, if hubby and I need to catch up on emails or I have blog work for myself, we dedicate a short period of time and we head to the office in the basement together. Once time is up, we shut everything down and get back to chill time.

In the midst of all of our activities, our son plays with LEGO or has some screen time (also on a time limit). We then play games like Chess or Uno or Sorry with him as well.

Our cars don’t leave the garage unless absolutely necessary (i.e. for a forgotten lunch item on the grocery list). I seriously love staying in my lounging clothes for an entire day.

After all, this is our home, we want to spend time in it!

Sundays are also for time in the kitchen, meal prepping for the week, and baking! I have this thing for baking on Sundays all of a sudden.

Biggest issue with baking on Sundays? There’s rarely much left to take for lunches by Tuesday haha!

Sunday dinner is always a meal that we make from scratch. The one thing that we are working on is getting everyone to the dinner table on Sunday nights. We may not sit at the dinner table every time but if we are in the great room all together that works just as well.

Another thing we are mindful of on Sundays, is to make sure that whatever we are doing we wind down by dinner time so that everyone can get a full nights rest for the beginning of a new week. That means dinner is on time, and that also means we typically don’t have any visitors on Sundays. If we do have folks come by it has to be earlier in the day. This is just a rule we’ve set for our household, and it works well for us.

We need to make sure we connect weekly as a family in the face of technology and “busy-ness”. This will serve as an important fundamental to our kids when they have families of their own.

In these busy times, do you have a certain day set for yourself or for your family that is uninterrupted and/or meant for reconnecting?

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  1. AskDrRenee says:

    This sounds so cool. I am single no kids and everyday is like this for me. I work from home so unless I have a meeting or an event I am usually at home.

  2. patranila says:

    Instant coffee?! I’m secretly judging you, LOL! We put devices down after school for check-ins and questions. It’s usually me asking questions and them feeling awkward.

  3. Jhéanell says:

    Sunday is a family day for us too!

    I actually clean our house every Sunday morning together, do something in between and then sit down for dinner together later on.

  4. biancadottin says:

    I’m going to try this! We always do so much on the weekends and it feels no different than a weekday besides the fact that my husband is home during the day with us.

  5. Kirsten says:

    This is a great concept! I usually try to make Sunday a plan and prep day for the coming week. I try to pick out all of my outfits for the week, wash my hair and prep some food items for lunches and dinners. Listen to me, I said, “try” okay? Lol

  6. Yokasta says:

    Not necessarily planned, but as a family we spend an hour or two a few evenings a week. I’m sure my 19 y/o son would get sick of us for longer than that…LOL We usually watch a show together. It usually takes us longer to watch something since we pause and discuss.

  7. Dani says:

    I love this. i want to implement a more set Sunday routine. The kids had soccer on Sunday but their last day was this past weekend so now I can try to be more intentional about Sundays. Thanks for sharing this!

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