January 17, 2018


How Kids Connect Hockey and Kindness #GoodDeedsCup

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Hockey plays a very active role in our household even though none of our kids are on an official team.

When my daughters were younger, they learned how to skate but they weren’t interested in hockey or ringette, they just wanted to skate.

Fast forward about 10 years and our son J, who is now 5 years old, is an avid hockey fan.

I’ll never forget when he received his first few pieces of Winnipeg Jets gear and attended his first Jets Skills Competition at only 2.5 years old!

We used to call him “mini-Buf” (after his favourite player Dustin Byfuglien).

J is truly a hockey fanatic! When he’s not attending or watching the Winnipeg Jets play or cheering on Canada for the World Juniors, he’s asking his dad to play with him (or anyone else in the house) in the basement every single day. On weekends he ventures out with his dad to the local community centre to beef up his skating and learn new skills, all for the love of hockey.

I put together a little slideshow to really demonstrate that this is no passing fad for him, he’s really ready to join a team! PRESS PLAY

We didn’t want to put him on a team to early but also want him to be able to create great relationships with his team when he does join. His concern was not being able to skate and now that he feels he has that somewhat mastered, he’s ready to play.

During the coverage of the World Juniors, we often saw the Chevrolet Canada Good Deeds Cup campaign during commercial breaks, and it was so great to see minor hockey teams from across the country submitting their good deeds, encouraging good sportsmanship both on and off the ice.  From helping to build homes, to feeding the homeless, these teams make excellent role models for our youth! I thought about our son being on one of those teams and how awesome it would be as a kid to participate and be a part of something so inspirational.

Ahhh our son, he’s pretty selfless at a young age when it comes to donating items to other children in need. We have purged his bedroom a few times and he is more than willing to part with toys and clothing that he no longer uses or needs to those who are less fortunate. He has become really good at picking which of his books should go to the kids at the local Children’s Hospital. I know that those soft skills, his skating and love of hockey will be a welcome addition to the team he joins next year! Being a part of a team will only help develop his budding citizenship.

We watched those Good Deeds commercials as a family and wondered if a local team from our province would end up as a semi-finalist, and guess what?

The Pas Huskies are a semi-finalist for Manitoba!!! Top 10!

I am so excited for them it’s not even funny! However, they need our votes, and the only way to do that is to head on over to www.chevrolethockey.com and view their video submission.

Each view is a vote folks! 

Let’s help The Pas Huskies win the #GoodDeedsCup, be featured on Sportsnet AND receive $15,000 to wards the charity of their choice! You have until January 28th, 2018 to vote.

I hope that one day soon our son joins a team that’s doing amazing things in their community like the Pas Huskies!



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