Happy 7 year Blogiversary!

HEEEYYYY! Guess what?⁣

7 years ago today I joined Instagram AND this picture is my 3,000th post!⁣ Which also means it’s 7 years since I pressed launch on this blog!

Whaaaaa?!? Crazy right?

7 years of sharing so much of my life with all of you on the ‘gram, engaging with you, feeling all the feels with you, and hopefully impacting your lives in a relatable and positive way.⁣

I’ve been intentional with one thing and one thing only: being me!
What you see is truly what you get, online and offline. I post when I wanna, I don’t worry about cohesive feeds, flatlays, presets and such, I just do what I do, when I do, and how I do. If social media suddenly doesn’t exist tomorrow, I’m good – no regrets, cuz 1 – I’m not hard to find and 2 – life will continue. Ya feel me?⁣
I don’t plan on changing a thing around here and I look forward to more fun, humour, realness and positivity in the future!⁣
Love y’all, thanks so much for being you and comin along for the ride!⁣
Cheers to 7 years! 🍾😘

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