Grow Through What You Go Through

Remembering that I grow through what I go through…

Perfect timing for this journal prompt from the Shine app this morning.

I am going through ‘things’ all the time, some major, some minor; some decisions are easy, some are not, sometimes I struggle, sometimes I don’t.

Right now? I’m overwhelmed with wanting to achieve a few of my personal goals and not quite sure how to get there in the timeframe I desire.

However, with each decision, I need to remember to look back and see the growth that occurred within me to make it through that decision. Then use that for the next one, and so on and so on.

I’m really looking forward to a full 2 week break from the current day to day routine to review, assess, and minimize some of the chaos in my brain these days!

Ahhh life – you feel me? Anyone else in the same situation?

One quick decision I’ve made – wear lipstick at home when I don’t have to be all masked up! I like!

💄: Matte Liquid (Beautiful) from Queenfidence Cosmetics
Earrings: souvenir handmade
Scrunchie: Olive & Co
👚: Turtleneck Knitted Tunic from RW&Co

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