October 26, 2012


Product Review – Breakfast with belVita

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BelVita cereal biscuits/breakfast cookies have become a new staple item in my family’s breakfast routine.

As the mom of an infant, tween and teen, having a variety of items for a healthy breakfast seems to always be a challenge – not just for me but for the kids as well!  My son is 6 months old and still breastfed so he has his meals taken care of although he has a new found love of solids.  My daughters are a different story!  How much cereal can one eat? Seriously, if they could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they totally would!  They are very picky when it comes to types of oatmeal or granola bars so I was looking for something different.  I was also looking for a quick snack for me to keep bedside during those early morning/barely awake feeding times with my son. Postnatal health is very important to me as well.

I saw an ad for belVita breakfast cookies that looked appealing and healthy due to the promotion of fibre, fruit and whole grain content.

belVita breakfast cookies

What caught my eye is the fact that they are soft baked cookies! I’m personally not a fan of crunchy cookies or bars so I decided to pick some up the last time I went grocery shopping.  Let’s be real, pretty much anything that has a label with the word chocolate in it gets my vote!

After trying these breakfast cookies out this week, I can honestly say that I’m a new fan of belVita.  These cereal biscuits are very tasty and moist (thanks to banana/pumpkin purée), and that can be hard to find when a product is labelled ‘soft baked’.

Each of the main ingredients can be identified when you’re eating it – real banana taste not flavour, actual whole grain oats and chunks of chocolate.  They are individually packaged in a perfect serving size (5 in a box).  These cookies are a great solution for a quick on-the-go morning snack. However, if you pair it up with yogurt and/or fruits, you’ve got yourself a nice little breakfast meal to start your day!

My oldest daughter isn’t interested in these cookies as she doesn’t like bananas but my youngest daughter loves them, so 1 out of 2 is better than none at all!  Unfortunately, they are not peanut free so they can’t be sent to school.

BelVita also has the soft baked cookies in Cranberry Orange flavour.  I’ll be trying those the next time I head out to grab groceries.  For the folks who need to satisfy their love for crunchiness, belVita also has two crunchy cookies in oatmeal or blueberry flavour.  Heck, I liked the soft baked cookies so much I might even overlook my crunchy phobia and grab those too!

Have you tried the belVita breakfast cookies yet? Please share your experience! 🙂

**FYI this review was done purely on my own, I did not receive samples or compensation, just felt like sharing!**

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  1. susan flesch says:

    Hi. I was wondering how you know that there is pumpkin/banana puree in these? I can’t find that on the label at all…

  2. Jenny Hunt says:

    Breakfast is really most important and valuable to all of us. Which help us a lot to control our weight and give us a healthy fitness. Your healthy breakfast recipe conception is really very handy for me.

  3. suzquiz says:

    Great idea for those on the run

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    We tried these the other week and they are pretty good, good for a quick breakfast on the go

  5. Elle Sees says:

    i've never heard or had these! i hope they're in america.

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