Born To Style finalists

Aveda Gives Away a Full Scholarship to its Winnipeg Hair School

Aveda Institute Winnipeg will give away a full scholarship to their hair styling program to one lucky Manitoban! There is just over a month left to get your video entries in for Aveda’s Born to Style contest.  The Aveda Institute Winnipeg scholarship is worth $10,000!

Born To Style finalists
Aveda Opening May 14, 2012 photo (left to right): Kelly Piskor (Rachel’s model), Rachel Nucci, RuthAnne Berry (Robyn’s model), Robyn Thompson and celebrity judge Kristjan Hayden

How To Enter

It’s easy!  Potential students have to upload a 2-minute video to Born To Style explaining why they’re “born to style”. Applicants must be 16 or older. Deadline to enter is March 17, 2013.

So grab your webcam or video camera and get shooting!

The short-listed finalists will compete in a live hair styling showdown at Aveda Institute Winnipeg on May 1 (a big gala event complete with red carpet, catwalk and celebrity judges).  The winner receives free tuition but would need to have their own accommodations in Winnipeg.

Here’s what a typical entry looks like:  Sample Born To Style Contest Entry.   Think you can do better? If so, you just might be heading to Aveda Institute Winnipeg this fall with a full scholarship!

Good luck!


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