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Just like that, I’m back! Back at work that is

Today marks my one month anniversary of being back at work after maternity leave! Yep, ONE  WHOLE MONTH!  Time sure does fly!  Remember when I wrote about coming back to work early?  Well, that was over 2 months ago!

My son had a two-week transition period at daycare before I came back and I am so happy that I took the time to do that!  He’s adjusted to the new routine and the daycare so well that it makes it very easy to come to work every day.  I know he’s being well taken care of because he comes home just as happy as when I drop him off in the mornings.

So not only have I been back for a month,  Thursday the 21st also marks my 2 year anniversary with my employer,  and Saturday the 23rd marks a year since my last day of work before I went on maternity leave (my sweet baby boy was born exactly one month later).  Did you follow all of that? haha  What a crazy week of “anniversaries’!

I must say, the first few days back, I felt a little out of place.  A lot of my accesses were gone and needed resetting, I had to remember how to get into the systems and how to use them, and a lot of people changes occurred in the 10 months that I was away.  My team dynamics have changed a little as well, everyone for the most part seems the same but I need to reconnect with each one of them and get back that synergy we had when I left, slow but sure.  Our whole team moved to a new area in the building where it’s brighter, louder and a space to call our own, so that’s been great too!

I’ve jumped right back into it all, taking on projects, re-immersing myself in the processes, being loud…hahaha

Heck, I even bought my very first Tassimo which sits proudly on my desk!


Tassimo PegCityLovely
Me and my Tassimo T55

I remember questioning myself about coming back to work early and I’m so glad that I prepared and planned my return the way I did.  I may not be able to cook daily or make sure the entire house is clean and get some of those extra errands done during my days anymore but I personally feel I’m a better parent when I have a great balance of work and home.

How about you?  What was your experience when you returned to work? Or perhaps you didn’t return to work after a leave, how has that decision affected you and your family? 



  1. DARLENE W says:

    It might feel like it is hard to get back in the saddle again but once you are up there it is done

  2. Nice work space! I haven’t yet returned to work. My son is 17 months old and I will probably not return until he is 2 and half or so. It’ll be good to go back to work but I think that it is good that I am staying home with him now.

  3. I retired early so no work for me. I hated working with a family. I am glad women have so much more support now

  4. Transitioning back to work was really hard for me. My team dynamic was completely altered while I was gone and then I had to deal with my maternity leave contract replacement trying to keep my job. Frustrating. Glad your transition has gone well for you!

    1. Oh wow! Yes, I've been very lucky, I've heard many horror stories! Cool thing is now my replacement is pregnant too so no worries there haha! How long have you been back now?

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