June 24, 2013


Momma knows honey, momma knows! Stay hydrated!

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I never realized how much wisdom my mom has passed onto me, until I became a mom myself!  I used to roll my eyes at a lot of the things she used to say to me, and coming from a Jamaican family, she said a lot, believe me!

In order to keep her family on track, some Moms pass down advice through generations; others create their own pieces of wisdom.  Sometimes the advice Mom gives can seem a little “out there”, influenced by her own unique traditions and values.  But there’s no denying that Mom’s advice always comes from the heart. We celebrate Mom for all of her unique wisdom.

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There are two pieces of wisdom that my mom still says to this day and have stuck with me.  I’ve even caught myself  telling my own daughters these “tips” , so they must be important!

1) “Get your education – no one can take that from you”

As an immigrant to Canada, both of my parents came here for a better life for themselves and their future families.  Mom never completed all of the schooling she would have liked but she worked so hard and had a very successful career in the banking industry. She always told my sister and I to make sure we get as much education as possible to achieve our goals.  Even though I attended university right after high school, I did not complete my degree at that time, due to financial reasons.  As I immersed myself in the workforce, I could see the benefits of additional education.  I went back to school part time in the evenings when I was 24 years old and my first daughter was only 2.  Since then I have gone to college and university to complete a variety of certificates in both HR (Human Resources) and PR (Public Relations) – and I’m not done!  I plan on getting my degree from the University of Manitoba in the very near future!

2) A man, is a man, is a man, is a man!

Now this piece of wisdom is quite humourous to me because every time my mom says it during a situation, I have to nod my head in agreement!  Essentially, it’s a tidbit she also heard from her own mother regarding the fact that men are pretty much all the same in some of the things that they do! From my dad, to my fiance, to my cousins, to my friends, this statement has applied to them at least once in the past several years! Thanks mom, I believe you! haha

There isn’t  enough room to write about the gold nuggets of information I’ve received from my mom over the years so I just had to share the two that I know have really impacted my life.

My mom has now had to hear some wisdom from me these days.  My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 13 years ago at the young age of 45, and last fall she was also diagnosed with breast cancer.  She continues to face many health struggles. She is still the strong woman I know but I can see the damage the illnesses have had on her body, it’s hard to watch. In her current physical state, the importance of hydration is key to diminishing the effects of these illnesses. If any of you were to ask my mom what I always say to her when I talk to her on the phone, it’s “Did you drink a lot of water today?” or “Make sure you drink your water today.” – it’s just a part of our normal talks. I’d love to share a picture of my mom with you all but she’s quite adamant that she’s “not on the internet”, haha, and that’s a whole different blog post!

I may not have pics of me with my mom to post, but I definitely have a pic of me with my daughters!  I’m keeping my kids hydrated too! Look at those smiles!


Share the awesome wisdom your mom, grandma or great grandma has passed onto you with us!  Use the hashtag #momswisdom and join the conversation! Become a fan of Nestlé® Pure Life® on Facebook and stay tuned for the launch of this year’s Hydration Movement in late July! Nestlé® Pure Life® will continue to focus on healthy hydration, while also embracing Mom’s Wisdom – sharing and discovering all of the little things that moms have shared over the generations that make our lives better. And one thing all moms can agree on is that it’s important to keep the family healthy, hydrated and happy!

Disclosure:  This article is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water through Linqia.


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  1. Glenda Cates says:

    I will be Praying for your mom. I enjoyed your story and education is so important. And a man is a man is a man is so true. LOL Have a great day. If you have time stop by and visit my post at http://mommiespov.com/growing-thought-mothergrand

  2. haha my Jamaican Mommy did the "your hormones will betray you at a certain age….and you'll get married!" Yup…just as she told me…it happened!

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