July 20, 2013


Bath Time Fun with JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Baby Products

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My son LOVES bath time! He is 15 months old and when he knows it’s time for a bath in the evening, he tries to take off his own clothes just so he can get in the tub! Now if only he loved to sleep at night as much as he loves his baths, then I’d be set! No more Zombie Mom!

baby bath time

We always have the same ritual at around 8 pm in the evenings. First, I tell him “It’s time for bath” so that he can be involved in the process, and then we begin getting everything ready that we need to have a bath.

Here’s the bath time routine in our house for our lil man:

  1. We start with laying out a blanket on his bedroom floor with his lotion, a diaper, his pj’s/onesie and diaper cream.
  2. We go into the bathroom and start to fill up his tub. We still use his baby tub in the big bathtub but we’re at the point where he’ll be able to be a big boy soon and just be in the big bathtub.
  3. Once the water is the right temperature and we’ve filled the tub, it’s time to start removing his clothes and diaper.
  4. While he’s in the tub he never wants to play with “toys”, he’d rather have small plastic containers and maybe a spatula to play with, even using the spoons that are used to give medications are fun for him.
  5. After playing for a little while we soap up with JOHNSON’S® baby products (I’ve been a user of the regular JOHNSON’S® HEAD‐TO‐TOE® Wash since my first child was born). However, now we are using the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby products!
  6. Next up we wash his hair (video below).
  7. Once we’ve rinsed everything, it’s time to get out and get dressed!
  8. After a nice towel dry and lotsa kisses and cuddles, I let him “air-out” and run around a bit and be free! Please note, if you have a boy, be prepared to get peed on, a lot. We don’t do this particular part of the routine very often because of that haha
  9. Once he’s all lotioned up, we put his pj’s on and it’s bed time (kinda – remember the Zombie Mom statement).

That’s it! All done and no stress! Now that he’s getting older, he loves being a part of the prep.

The new JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby bath products are very similar to the existing line in that they have the same texture. I was expecting that the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products would be thinner for some reason, not gel-like. The packaging remains similar however the colour scheme of the products has that leafy green natural feel.

I do love the fact that JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby bath products are paraben free, dye free and phthalate free! My son has sensitive skin and he had eczema issues when he was younger.  He’s had no issues or adverse reactions with this product at all.  I do wish there was more of that traditional baby scent with these products though.  The smell is super mild but to each their own!

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page is full of great tips, info and contests.

Usually I just take a few pictures of the product in use but I thought to myself, let’s take it one step further and show these products in action. So, here’s a lil video of us using the JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Shampoo! Enjoy!

What’s your bath time routine with your little one(s)?

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  1. Susan T. says:

    What a cutie! It’s nice to have natural products, especially for baby!

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