July 19, 2013


Make Time For Me? Yes Please and Here’s What I’d Wear!

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I'm Natalie!

Being the busy mom that I am, I haven’t been able to enter contests as often as I’d like to but this particular contest is very worthy of my time! It includes a) ME time, b) FASHION, and c) a RESORT! Um, HELLO!?!?! No hesitation here!

So what is this contest you ask? Well, it’s a blogger only contest (sorry!) featuring Wallis Fashion and Miraval Resort.  

Wallis is a London high-street brand of women’s fashion that recently launched into the e-commerce business.  Their clothing is for today’s modern woman.

Clothes that reflect the spirit of women today.

Miraval Resort is a top-ranked luxury resort offering a variety of services from spa services to wellness programs.

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. In everything we do, we encourage our guests and homeowners to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body, and spirit.

Ok,  so you’re thinking, big deal Natalie, it’s like any other contest! That’s where you are wrong my friends – I need your votes!  I put together a visual packing list using the clothing and accessories offered at Wallis and created a special board on Pinterest as you can see below:

[embedit snippet=”wallis-miraval”]

Gorgeous clothes right!?


Vote for me to win the “Make Time for ME” getaway wardrobe and 2 night stay at Miraval Resort! (Pretty please?)

Please be sure to stop by the Wallis Facebook Page to vote  and why not throw in a “Like” as well.  Perhaps you aren’t into fashion, but you’re interested in learning more about the resort, then visit the Miraval Resort Facebook Page too!

Thanks everyone!


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  1. darlene w says:

    Love the look, I could take it anywhere

  2. Susan T. says:

    I am in love with that shift dress!

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