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How to Fail at Sleep Training

I miss my fiancé and I sleep right beside him. It’s been 18 months since I’ve had some quality sleep and cuddle time with my hubby-to-be.  Well, almost 18 months, that’s when we had our beautiful son, J, and yes, he sleeps with us every single night. Ok, so maybe not 18 months, more like just over a year as he was in his bassinet for the first few months.

How on earth did I get into this predicament? What was the trigger? Teething? Illness? I don’t even remember. When I had my daughters, they were self-weaned at 6 months and 7 months respectively. This boy of mine? He still nurses at night, and I don’t believe it’s because of hunger, I believe it’s because of comfort. Yes, I am the mom who has the child that walks up to her when he’s ready for bed and says “boobee” as he tugs on the front of my shirt. I’m THAT mom, never thought I would be!

Am I ashamed? No. Do I care what people think? No. Do I want my bed back? Yes!

I’ve read enough books about this that I could probably write my own; however, what I need is willpower and commitment. See, my fiance sleeps as if he is in a coma, hears nothing, sees nothing, does nothing, so I’m kinda on my own with this! It truly is sleep training gone wrong. Oh yea and he doesn’t sleep vertically of course, he sleeps horizontally across the top of the bed, feet in Daddy’s face! Which leaves me hanging off of the edge of the bed each night.

sleep training toddler

Our son will sleep in his toddler bed for naps but at night he has to be with Mama and Tata, in our bed. I’ve tried warm milk, warm bath, making sure he’s well fed; and he has his special bear too. He also refuses to sleep with a blanket, no idea why. We’ve I’ve even done the ‘cry it out’ method, didn’t last very long – I’m a sucker for noise and every time I hear him I don’t want him waking up the whole house! I’ve also tried sleeping on the floor in his room, but he rolls out of his bed and onto me, sigh…Doesn’t help that he’s just so freakin cute! UGH!

toddler bed training

To top it all off, at daycare he sleeps perfectly fine for his naps, WITH a blanket, no “Boobee”.  I call her the baby whisperer and have offered for her to come and stay at my house to run a toddler sleep boot camp! Kinda hoping she takes me up on it! Wink,Wink!

So what do you think? Do I wait this out and see if he naturally weans himself off of me and wants to be a big boy and sleep in his own bed? Do I keep trying these methods I read about in the books? GAH! What’s a girl to do?

Help me out please! Are you in the same predicament or have you overcome a similar situation? Suggestions are graciously accepted!


  1. maybe he knows you will give in and he does it ? lol each kid is different
    i have a 19 month old son and he still wakes so a few times a night and Im a zombie most days – but i understand that this will get better (hoepfully soon) and try to think of like that. its hard sleep training.
    good luck 🙂

    1. Of course he knows I'll give in! haha that's exactly why we're still in this situation 🙂 good luck to you too – so glad there are "others" – glad to have a community to share this with!

  2. I wish I had advice to give but I do not on this topic. However I do just want to say that I always love reading your posts. They are always so honest and transparent. Not enough people out there like u. Keep up the great work. I am proud of U!!

  3. WIO and do what’s best fOr you! We’re…I in the same situation and after the bassinet, it’s between our bed and the crib. I never intended to co sleep but it has helped me recover from health problems and stay laying down to nurse! No more in and out if bed every 2 hours. I figure after all the reading and talking there is NO PROBLEM!!!! Don’t feel bad to do what works to keep you sane. Every baby is different! Nicky J

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