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Is Last Vegas a Hangover Copy with an Older Cast?

Last Vegas is new movie in theatres today about four best friends who head to Las Vegas to celebrate the engagement of one of the friends to a young lady.  The catch? These best friends have an of average age of 60 years old! In essence, the movie captures their adventures as they take over Sin City for the bachelor party.

Does this plot sound familiar? Sure does! As someone who has seen all of the Hangover movies, I am curious to see just how similar the plots will be. I somehow doubt it will be as raunchy though!

One look at the legendary cast of Academy Award winners (Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro) and I know that I will enjoy this movie based on their acting chops alone, regardless of the similarity to the Hangover series.

Here’s a look at the trailer:

[embedit snippet=”last-vegas-video”]

I have never been to Vegas, based on all of these movies, perhaps I should think about going for my own stagette! What do you think?

Will you go to the theatre to see Last Vegas? Have you ever been to Vegas? I would love to hear your experiences, what do you recommend?


  1. Vegas is pretty fun and would be a great place for a stagette. Just don’t get too drunk because The Hangover has shown us what happens! Lol!

  2. I love love Vegas.. and yes we should def go there for your stagette..

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