Too Busy to Cook? Just-Eat!

It’s a Saturday evening, the day has been filled with running errands and household chores and you are wondering what the heck to do for dinner…sound familiar? To be honest, it’s a regular occurrence in our house!

Both my fiancé and I work full time, and our children are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to their sleepovers, illnesses and everything else that comes up in this crazy life.

I am still trying to master the art of meal planning and I’m getting better, but I’m not quite there yet! I’m just keepin it real folks!

So what to do? Well, there are many services out there to help you with this type of conundrum. Lucky for me I recently had the opportunity to try out Just Eat!Just-Eat

What is Just Eat? Well it’s a restaurant/food order service that is quickly growing in popularity! It’s a national service too, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to know that there is a growing list Winnipeg restaurants to choose from!

Why would someone use the service if restaurants already deliver? That’s the sweet part; the restaurants listed do not normally have a delivery service! Boom! Therefore, you can order from some of the places you wished had delivery!

The process is really too simple for words. When you visit the homepage, you are asked for your postal code, and then you are redirected to the page that lists all of the restaurants in your area that use the service. We decided to choose Ivory Restaurant as we were in the mood for East Indian yumminess.


The full menu of the restaurant is listed in categories (Appetizers, Beverages, Entrees etc) along with the estimated delivery time.  Our estimated time for delivery was 60 minutes. We ordered a huge combination platter at 6:35pm and our order showed up at 7:34pm! No joke!

Our food arrived like this:


Yum, Yum, Yum! Our meal was nice and hot, even the naan bread stayed relatively in tact!

We also received a voucher for $5 off of our next order! Sorry folks, I wasn’t about to take a pic of my actual code haha!


The only hiccup? The restaurant forgot my veggie samosas.

Overall the service was super simple to use. Of course there are the extra fees for delivery but personally when it’s cold and windy outside, the amount I’d spend in gas to go pick it up is probably more than the delivery charge! Oh, and it helps that I didn’t have to lug the children to the restaurant (probably my favourite part of this entire experience)!

Ready to check them out? Go to the Just-Eat Facebook page for updates and news. Oh and guess what Winnipeggers?

You will get 20% off of your first order! Woohoo!

What would be your reason to try Just-Eat.ca? Have you used the service before? What was your experience? Share with everyone in the comments below!

Disclosure:This post was generously sponsored by Just-Eat.ca, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit www.just-eat.ca.




  1. I saw this advertised on one of the restaurants downtown the other day. Great idea! I haven’t used it yet but I bet we will in the future.

  2. Thank you so much for posting! I never heard of them and as a family of five totally will come in handy, especially in the winter months!

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