Buy A Cup, Give A Cup #Winnipeg! The #cupofwarmth Campaign Ends Soon!


The holiday season may have passed but one retailer is at the forefront of a campaign to keep awareness high for those in need. DAVIDsTEA has launched the #cupofwarmth campaign and will donate one cup of tea to hunger relief charities across North America!

DAVIDsTEA is partnering with a variety of charitable organizations in Canada and the US, including our very own Winnipeg Harvest!

Listen to this impromptu phone interview I had this afternoon with  Bradley Grill and Renee Frisina, two great ‘spokesfolks’ for DAVIDsTEA.  You’ll hear more behind the scenes details about this campaign. Please forgive my “um’s”, “ahh’s”, “so’s” and “kinda’s” haha, it was a quickfast interview!

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I mentioned it numerous times in the interview but want to reiterate the details one more time so that we can all help to reach that ultimate goal of 150,000 cups! Here are the various ways you can be a part of this great campaign:

a) Visit your local DAVIDsTEA location and buy a cup of tea! In Winnipeg, there are 3 locations: St. Vital Mall, Polo Park Mall and Grant Park Shopping Centre.

b) Share A Cup on Facebook! For every post that is shared on Facebook , DAVIDsTEA will also donate the loose-leaf tea equivalent of one cup of tea.

c) RT on Twitter For every retweet with the #cupofwarmth hashtag, @DAVIDsTEA will donate the loose-leaf tea equivalent of one cup of tea.

Remember, the campaign ends Tuesday January 28th, 2014 so get out there and grab a tea with a friend to help raise awareness of hunger relief efforts in your community!

Thank you all 🙂

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