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Interview With A Celebrity Food Blogger #TKLucky7

Seven amazing Canadian food bloggers have been selected to participate and compete in a Canada-wide recipe challenge using Thai Kitchen products.  Sadly, no one from Winnipeg was selected, however, I figured I’d interview someone who’s practically next door, Stacey Martin of This Lil Piglet#TKLucky7

I’m so happy to introduce you all to Stacey (for those who don’t know of her).  Stacey is a city girl at heart who now works from home in a house that her and hubby built from scratch. Oh, and it just so happens to be on a farm!  A mom to 5, Stacey has been blogging about her amazing journey of parenting, DIY projects, green living and of course FOOD!

Typically, I’d love to do an audio or video interview but we had to reschedule a few times due to our crazy schedules, good old illnesses and crazy mom lives! Therefore you all will have to settle for reading our interview. I’m grateful that Stacey was able to carve out some time for me and answer all of my questions via email. I hope you enjoy getting a little more insight on this great person as I did!


How did you come across this recipe challenge? What was your journey to becoming a finalist?

I was asked directly to take part in the Thai Kitchen Canada recipe challenge by the lovely brand representatives as one of seven across Canada, quite an honour to me.

Has Thai food always been apart of your family’s menu plans? What is it about Thai food you like the most?

I eat my fair share of Thai food but I love trying different cuisines. Thai food is a favourite because it envelops fresh ingredients; I can look at a Thai dish and be confident I’m sharing a rainbow of nutrients with my family.

The recipe Sweet Chili Meatballs looks divine. What was your inspiration?

Thank you! These are my husband and daughters favourite. To be honest, I nearly ate half a batch myself in one sitting; they are slightly addictive. My husband grew up in a farming community fed on the meat and potato staple which was my inspiration for this Asian inspired version. The meatballs are little bursts of spice simmered with the right amount of sweet; my whole family loves this recipe.

Have you had any comments from readers who have tried your recipe? What was the feedback?

Yes; I was surprised when a couple old co-workers mentioned they tried my recipes and they were a big hit with their family. I get comments all the time on other recipes but never from someone so close to home and it was nice.

What would you say are your Top 3 Favourite Thai Kitchen products and why?

Truthfully they are all good, depending on the recipe but hands down the coconut milk is my favourite. My second favourite would be the Sweet Red Chili Sauce because I love the mix of spicy and sweet; no matter the meat, this sauce makes a perfect combination.The last would be the Red Curry Paste. It adds a little kick to any meal and is perfect for a meat rub or just added right into your rice. I’ve made a vinaigrette salad dressing with it and it is amazing.

What does your family think about the challenge and what would it mean to them (and you) if you won the Brand Ambassadorship?

I’m just regular old mom to the kids but it’s “kinda cool” that I was featured in the local newspaper; my 11 y/o wanted to take it for show and tell. I’m not sure it would mean a whole bunch to my kids if I won the ambassadorship except that they would know how much it meant to me; they would be happy for me because it would make me happy. My husband on the other hand would think it is cause for a big celebration; any reason to cook up a feast is a good reason. To me, the ambassadorship would be a huge honour to win. I’ve worked hard to compete with all my recipes but to win over the other 6 who are exceptionally brilliant cooks, I would be humbled.

Isn’t she great?! Don’t you wanna vote for her even more now? haha

#TKLucky7 contest

From now until February 28th, 2014, you can vote and enter to win the following:


1) Grand Prize – $1,500 Air Canada Gift Card
2) First Prize – Jamie Oliver Professional Series Cookware Set & Hard Anodized Frying Pan ($1,000 retail value)
3) Second Prize – $1,000 Apple Gift Card

After reviewing the #TKLucky7 Rules,  head on over to Thai Kitchen Canada to vote or check out This Lil Piglet Facebook Page.



  1. Alexa Nernberg says:

    Great interview and I wish Stacey the best with the challenge.

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