May 25, 2014


#HaveYouHeard ? May Is National Speech & Hearing Awareness Month

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Have you ever wondered about the noise levels in your household? Do you believe that your household appliances are running at safe decibel levels?


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May is National Speech & Hearing Awareness Month and it’s been fascinating to read about the various tips you can follow to maintain safe noise levels at home.  I was surprised at how many appliances are at high decibel levels on their own, never mind when you have multiple appliances running, and let’s not forget the kids running around the house!

Did you know that there are labels you can check on many household appliances to check their decibels? Decibels are the unit of measure for sound. Scarily, 1 in 4 Canadian report having hearing loss! Speech issues are usually directly related to hearing loss as well.

Beverley Wolfe audiologistLuckily there are many tips to ensure your safety and your family’s hearing safety. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to interview Beverley Wolfe MA Reg’d CASLPO, an established audiologist with over 25 years of experience in this field. Listen to our conversation on PegCityChat with Nat!


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There are many resources available to the public about speech & hearing awareness; I’ve included a few:

o   Canadian Hearing Society@CHSCanada

o   Canadian Academy of Audiology

o   Speech-Language & Audiology Canada

 To sum up the interview and post, I’ve also included a detailed infographic below. Even though National Speech & Hearing Awareness month is designated for May,  please note that this information should be shared all year round!

#HaveYouHeard infographic


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  1. Emilia says:

    Yes, I notice it. That is why I enjoy silent relaxation sometimes

  2. loriag says:

    I have never thought of the noise appliances make, except for the very loud ones. I do know being proactive with kids with speech and hearing makes a difference, at least it really did for our youngest child.

  3. Alexa Nernberg says:

    Very interesting article. I know I’m always around noise. I seem to tolerate it to a certain point. Believe it is responsible for: crankiness; anxiety, fits of feeling overwhelmed, just to name a few.

  4. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    I don’t stop to think much about the noise level in the house but I guess I really should try and make it quieter when I can.

  5. I had no clue that May was National Speech and Hearing awareness month. My daughter was born deaf and wears cochlear implants.

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