Discover Local Essentials With The #NewYP App

Looking for your next date night destination? Need to find out who has a deal on your summer wardrobe? Almost out of gas and need to fill up at the lowest price possible? Trying to figure out where to go for lunch with a coworker?

All of these questions and more are easily solved using the new YP app!

MainScreen #NewYPApp

I’ve always had the YP app on my phone but it has since been updated and fully integrated with social media. Not only that but it also provides great interactive features such as cheapest gas deals.

Discover New Restaurants

Now that the weather is cooperating, I’m always looking for a new place to go to for lunch with my coworkers. It just so happens that a new restaurant opened up near my workplace and I was able to find it using the app. I was able to look up the restaurant and save it to my favourites for the next time I want to go there (I have more menu items to try!).

GreenNinja #NewYPApp

Find Cheap Gas Prices Nearby

One of my favourite features of this app is map showing me where to find the cheapest gas! Winnipeggers love a bargain! It’s so easy with just the click of the Gas icon, it gives you all of the locations with their current gas rates! Not interested in the visual map, then just click List instead.

GasStations #NewYPApp

The #NewYP app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones, just download it and away you go!

Grab The Latest Deal

Another great feature that I love, are the deals – get them right from the main homescreen. I love this feature because it’s accessible on the go. I have shopped numerous times at this particular store and did not know know that they have an extra 40% on already reduced merchandise. Um, hello this is fabulous! I check the app before I leave work for the day so that I can see if I should be making a stop at the mall on the way home (and clearly I should)!

DailyDeals #NewYPApp

Check out this awesome video on how it all works:

Head on over the the Yellow Pages Facebook page for more details and fun, and don’t forget to follow Yellow Pages on Twitter.

Get out there and discover your local deals, events, restaurants and more with the new YP app!



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