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#Win A Lampe Berger Starter Kit And Purify Your Home

Did you know that your health can be affected just by breathing in the air in your home?

Whether it’s mould, gasses from painting or small appliances, air fresheners masking odours etc, the potential for poor air quality can be very high within the home.

Clean air is important to everyone, especially in this day and age where it seems like the newest super-germ can be in contracted just by looking at people! As a mother of a child suffers from asthma it’s really important to reduce the potential for poor air quality in my own home. At the same token, I also love when my house smells fresh and fruity or deliciously yummy like fresh baked goods (I don’t bake enough, clearly).

As Canadians, we spend close to 90% of our time indoors. Most people, however, are unaware of the effects that poor indoor air quality can have on their health. All of us have the ability to control the quality of our own indoor air.

Lampe Berger products give you better air quality by tackling those pesky undesirable dirty air molecules AND leaving a wonderful aromatic long-lasting fragrance at the same time!

When I shared that I had received my very own lamp with Chocolate fragrance, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many of my friends and family already use the Lampe Berger products in their homes.


How do they do it? Well, the technology was invented way back in 1898, yes 1898! It’s called diffusion by catalysis. Essentially, the heat generated by the special catalytic burner attracts and oxidizes undesirable odours/molecules, while releasing pleasant and fragrant molecules. I know, wild right?!

Here’s a quick visual for ya on how it works:

lampe berger lamp burner

It’s quite easy to purify the air in your home with Lampe Berger because it only takes 6 simple steps:

  1. Pour
  2. Wait approx 20 mins (for first use)
  3. Light the burner (wait again only 2 mins or so)
  4. Blow out the flame
  5. Cleanse and perfume the air
  6. Place the stopper on the burner

I tried to display the lamp on my fireplace mantle…

…since this picture was taken, I’ve moved the lamp to a more size appropriate location. It’s now perfectly perched on the home theatre floor speaker, away from toddler hands.

I received the Chocolate Sweetness fragrance with my kit and it is simply divine, maybe too divine, I didn’t want to leave my house! Smells sooooo good!

Lampe Berger has a variety of fragrance categories: Childhood Memories, Limited Edition, Newness, Functionals, and All the Range. I recently came down with a head cold and I know the Fresh Eucalyptus would’ve been helpful.

So is there a downside to Lampe Berger? Not a downside per se, but the products aren’t in every retail store, they are in only select few stores such as Hallmark. It would be great to be able to pick up the product in a more convenient location; however, I can appreciate that it’s not something you’d be buying every week with your groceries, it’s more of a monthly or bi-monthly purchase.

Have you tried Lampe Berger products? If not, here’s your chance to win a Lampe Berger starter kit!


Are you already a Lampe Berger owner? What’s your favourite fragrance? What room is your lamp in? Share! I’d love to hear about your Lampe Berger experience(s).


**Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate the review, however the opinions expressed are mine, all mine! **





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