Anytime is #GameTime For Our Family

Do you make time in  your schedule for fun?

Life is busy, I know that, you know that, we all know that! With extracurricular activities for the kids, long work days, and increasingly cold weather, sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up and chill, maybe watch a tv show or two.

It’s so important for me to ensure we infuse a little excitement in our family, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We have a weekly game night and it’s not always a Friday night either.

Thanks to the folks at Mattel we always know when it’s #GameTime in our house – we have a #GameTime button! The kids have full authority to press this button anytime. Once they do, we have a few minutes to drop what we’re all doing and get to the dining room table to play!

We received 4 amazing new games to try:

  1. UNO – One of our family favourites and super easy to play. I think we have 4 sets! I love that it’s a game that’s extremely portable (it fits in my purse)!
  2. APPLES TO APPLES – Another family favourite! This one is a brain stimulator for sure.
  3. MAD GAB – We had the electronic version of this game already but haven’t played it in a while. So when we received the physical game, we were excited. I love watching my daughters trying to figure out the phrases – sometimes it’s just hilarious.
  4. BOUNCE OFF – The coup de gras, and my personal fave! We’ve seen so many TV commercials for this game and talked about how awesome it would be to play it. When we saw that we had received a copy, omg, it was like we had won the lottery! This game is suitable for EVERYONE. Even our toddler played! It’s so fun!

The last few times we’ve had company come over, we’ve pressed the #GameTime button and told our guests it’s time to play!


We aren’t the only people who believe that Anytime is #GameTime, check out what happened when Mattel did a Pictionary mall surprise!

How do you incorporate #GameTime in your household?


19 thoughts on “Anytime is #GameTime For Our Family”

  1. Healthy families keep a good balance between “too much” and “not enough” time together. They spend enough time to satisfy all family members

  2. Doing things a child or spouse wants to do also sends a strong message of love. It’s a good idea to identify the things family members want to do together!!!!!!

  3. A strong family finds that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time: The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences!!!!!

  4. I love family game nights! I gave game time alot during the winter with my family. Now that our son is 4 he can participate more

  5. It is a very good thing to spend time with your family on a daily basis, not only is it fun, but it strengthens the bond between the family!!!!!

  6. I am finding as the kids are now teens it is harder to get them to play games like we use to. I still love a game night and try!

  7. We have more #GameTime in the spring-fall months when we are camping and unplugged from all the electronics. But we should really try to do it more over the winter, maybe a good thing the work on this winter. Bounce Off looks fun!

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