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I ask my kids tons of questions every day and sometimes their answers make me wish I had recorded them. With the One Day app you can capture their responses to create a great shareable movie and so much more!

It’s so much better than just taking standard video, because the app creates a polished littleshort story that you can edit as you see fit and of course share.

There are categories for all age groups: Babies & Toddlers, Kids and Adults. Within each category there are themes and a a list of associated questions or statements. Using those prompts, you record the answer of your interviewee and voila, you have a great little movie!

Seeing as it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d try it out with one of my teens:

I’m sure you are all wondering how on earth I was able to wrangle my teenager to do this, right? Well, she was a heck of a lot easier than my son, but less hilarious!

Check him out:

Yes, you heard correctly. When I asked if he was naughty or nice, he said “I’m a bad boy!” Ahhhh, only my son!

This app is super fun, I think I might use it on the fiance. You know, make sure I have it documented and such. It makes for great leverage in the future! Wink, Wink!

Would you like to try the One Day app for yourself? You can go ahead and get it right HERE!


I’m a little late to the party with this giveaway but it’s open to both CANADA and US readers! You can win a $150 Visa Gift Card, and heck, at least you have SOME time to enter, am I right? The #OneDayApp is super fun! Good luck to ya!

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  1. Crystal David says:

    Reading the night before Christmas every Christmas Eve. Was my tradition as a child and now I carry it on with my kids.

  2. Every year the whole family gets together here and I make a huge feast! Then we open presents! Great conversation, laughs and food! 🙂

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