#MondayAMMusings Keepin It Real For The Holidays eps 7 #vlog

Wow what a week!

Episode 7

Here’s the latest episode summary for my weekly #MondayAMMusings #vlog, I’m keepin it real!

Quick rant(s):

– A lil heads up to the “haters”, aka folks who like to rain on parades

Lots of great stuff happening!

– Encouraging and positive feedback at work and otherwise
– Brand Ambassadorships for 2015
– I’m going to NAIAS!
– Rebranding has begun, photoshoot is complete


Weekly Quote

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. Anne Frank

Wishing all of you a wonderful blessed and Merry Christmas or however you celebrate this holiday season!

See ya next week and thanks for coming along with me on my many journeys,



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