Hot Beverage Indulgence #Keurig2point0hoho #PCLGiftGuide14

Indulge! Yes, I love that word 🙂


in·dulge (inˈdəlj)        verb    1.allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Keurig 2.0 and I’d say the potential to indulge is pretty high!

This new brewer not only brews your favourite cup of coffee or tea but it can also brew an entire carafe too! The ability to brew a carafe works really well for my fiance and I as we like to fill our travel mugs every day for work.

I am constantly amazed at how technology continues to evolve. It’s like a mini spaceship! Ok, not really but it is pretty cool. Just look at it!

Keurig 2

What I Love(d):

– Ease of use – It seriously can’t get any easier, throw in the K-cup and press a button – DONE!

– Aesthetics – It’s pleasing to the eye and looks sleek.

– Numerous cup sizes available from 4oz to 10oz

– The ability to brew a carafe

– Auto brew capability

Areas of Opportunity:

(FYI – I never use the word weakness because continuous improvement is necessary for things to get better. Weakness denotes a negative connotation)

 – For some reason the bonus variety pack that was supposed to be included in the box was missing. As a result I had to buy K-cups and I’m still trying to find a store that sells the K-Carafe. I’ve tried Superstore and my local Sobeys.

– The 10oz size choice does not seem to fill our large mugs as much as we’d like.

– The variety of brands available/stated on the box don’t necessarily translate to what you can purchase on the Keurig Canada website. I believe there are more options for my American peeps.

Overall the Keurig 2.0 brewer will provide great functionality for what we need (once we get the K-Carafes goin). We will buy a few indulgent boxes of lattes and caffe mochas for those special days when we need a lil more than just a coffee. It sure would make a great gift! #Keurig2point0hoho


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  1. It seems that it can already do pretty much everything now! I think it would be awesome to have a timer or something so that it brews your drink in the morning.

  2. This might be crazy…but genius. A timer you can set for wakeup like an alarm where it autobrews your coffee while you wake up!

  3. I would love a built in frother… maybe a handy outside compartment for my sugar, an auto stirrer?.. I think I’m sounding pretty lazy at this point!

  4. Maybe I have no imagination but it seems it can already do everything . A milk frother would be handy and if it could do my laundry that would be really great lol

  5. Would be great if the pods could be used with different machines, if it was equipped with a milk frother and if it came in different colours 🙂

  6. Something that can mix 2 flavors together, and I agree, being able to froth milk or cream would be a great add on for hot chocolate or lattes, thanks.

  7. i was going to say colour choices, but then reading the comments about a milk frother – i would love that too

  8. Looks great – my only issue is I wish this came out when I bought my original special edition one. They keep making more and more models. They need to come out with an all in one, once and for all model and that’s it. Since I have one, single cups only, I’m not going to run out and buy this one until the one I have now breaks down beyond repair – despite this having more features. The last thing I need is another device in my kitchen.

  9. I would like to see them make all their blends available in a container from which you can fill refillable pods. Hopefully this would cut the cost and save waste.

  10. We like our beverages very hot, maybe Keurig can up the brewing temp or create a mug that retains heat better as soon as the beverage is brewed! Also a sugar/milk function 🙂

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