Fionn Maccool’s in #Winnipeg Casual Fare Great Atmosphere

Are you in need of a casual date night? How about an after work drink in a great atmosphere?

The new Fionn MacCool’s in Winnipeg might be just right for you!

We only had to wait about 15 minutes to get in on a very busy Friday night so that wasn’t too bad! The hosts were fantastic as they under-promised and over-delivered on how long it would be before we were seated.

Our observations of the night were as follows:


– It was quite loud but casual, nothing over the top


– Great energy in the location

– There was a diverse demographic, many age groups

– It definitely has the Irish Pub feel!

I love that whenever I’m in Transcona, I run into people that I know (after all it’s where I grew up)! I was able to get caught up with a couple of high school friends and a former neighbour/drinking buddy lol!


– The waitstaff were very friendly and personable for all of our interactions

– Our waitress was very knowledgeable about menu, which was helpful


– It was dimly lit for ambiance but at times felt a little too dark. Again great for a pub/bar feel.

– We sat at a round bar table and the stools were not very comfortable, at least not for a lengthy stay.

– No coat rack or coat hooks to place our coats so we had to fold them over on a stool and keep them from falling off.

– It was chilly sitting by the main entrance (air flow)


Blarney chips

– Great timing of service however it was lukewarm at best, so not sure what happened there
– Very tasty – perfect with a cold bevvie! It was a great snack/appetizer to share before a meal.
– We would’ve loved more chicken though

Ale and Cheddar Dip

– Definitely not authentic naan bread but it fit its purpose
– This dish is good comfort food, with really great flavours  (yes, I could taste the ale) and it was extremely cheesy!
– If we had this dish first we probably wouldn’t have eaten much more because it’s a lil heavy

The timing between our 2nd and 3rd dish seemed overly lengthy. It felt like we waited for a long time for the last dish to arrive.

Chicken Tikka Masala Boxty

– Not what we expected. We thought it would be more of a structured dish, it seemed very “messy”.

– The sauce tasted good, flavourful but something was just off. It just didn’t go together/work so we did not finish it.

– I had envisioned more of a harder potato pancake. Not the way I wanted to end the experience.

Overall, we give this new restaurant 3 stars! We felt it more of a ‘come for the drinks and atmosphere’ type of place with a few appies thrown in for good measure!

Have you already been to the new Fionns in Winnipeg, if so, I’d love to hear your feedback too.

If you haven’t been then you need to enter this giveaway to win a $50 gift card to check it out for yourself!



Good luck!


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62 thoughts on “Fionn Maccool’s in #Winnipeg Casual Fare Great Atmosphere”

  1. The next 3 choices…this time ones that I think my son would like are the Caesar salad, salt and pepper calamari, and the steak and mushroom boxti. Just hope he could eat all these choices with his braces! It think he would like the fried bread pudding as well.

  2. Here are the three items I would choose
    CHICKEN PIE for me because I love chicken pie.
    SPICED POTATO SAMOSAS sounds yummy, Haven’t had samosas for so long.
    SPICED POTATO SAMOSAS for my husband, I think he would love it.

  3. First off, the Shrimp-Cake Sliders. Because I eat them EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m at Fionn MacCool’s & I’ve never seen them anywhere else. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Second, the Latke Grilled Cheese which again is ORIGINAL & amazing. Third, Ma’s Crispy Chicken because it sounds authentically delicious!

  4. Brenda Dafoe Enns

    Hoping to take my son there in January for his 18th Bday! He loves everything Irish and will be able to sample a few brews. It would be great to win a gift cert for the occasion. For the menu items, the Irish Chips and Dips, Beet Salad, and the Rosslare Lamb Shank speak to me.

    i was kind of sad there were no desserts listed.

  6. I would today go and dine on apps and beer with my hubby!
    Filled with lean ground beef, sweet
    green peas, corn, and carrots, all
    simmered in a rich, brown gravy.
    Topped with buttermilk mashed
    potatoes and creamed corn.
    2.LATKE GRILLED CHEESE | Made-in-Pub shredded potato cakes. Layered with sour cream
    and orange, old and Cahill’s Guinness® Cheddar cheeses. Finished with bread-and-butter
    pickles. Served with spicy ketchup for dipping. | $10
    3.SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI | Lightly dusted calamari tossed in salt, pepper, and green
    onions. Served with our made-in-Pub red pepper jelly and grilled lemon wedge. | $11.50

  7. How do I pick just 3-it all looks great!! The Guinness steak and mushroom crock, Rosslare lamb shank, and the cod sandwich

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