December 20, 2014


Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll Fun! #GuestPost #PCLGiftGuide14

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Guest post by my gorgeous friend and neighbour Felecia. Stay tuned for more awesomeness by this wonderful woman and her adorable family!

We recently had the opportunity to review the Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll and it was great fun!

Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll 1

Taking a look at the packaging, it displayed the doll and accessories very well. Through the pictures at back of the box, my daughter Isabella was able to quickly determine the instructions.

Set up was simple and easy, which is a huge plus for me. We really enjoyed the fact that there were no small parts, even the markers were large. All that was needed was a cloth for underneath the work area, a small dish of water for clean up (for the sponge use) and piece of paper to blot the markers.

Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll 2

The best part for us was that Isabella was able to work independently after set up. The doll is very light, so it is easy to maneuver as she coloured all of the surfaces. As she decorated the doll she was able to correct her work easily with the cute heart shaped sponge. She was very proud that she did not need my help. She enjoyed that she was able to colour on every part of the doll especially the dress.

Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll 3

The only downside we found is that the stamps didn’t work quite as well on the doll as it did on her dress because of the surface being uneven. Also, once she finished her colouring she played with her doll but the markers did rub off onto her hands and that was a bit messy. So before she played with her we decided to wash her. Clean up of the doll is simple, we just used a damp cloth and it wiped clean easily.

Overall, Isabella had a ton of fun playing and decorating her Lalaloopsy Colour Me Doll and is excited that she can start fresh on a new design whenever she likes.

For us it was definitely fun activity and creative toy that I would highly recommend!


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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Looks like a fun doll. Just wondering if the novelty would wear off quick because the colour comes off when you play with her after being coloured? That being said I am sure my niece would LOVE to have a doll that she could colour, so if the price is reasonable I am sure it would be worth it!

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