January 7, 2015


Winter Skincare For All #SDMWinterSkin

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I'm Natalie!

How do you take care of your skin each winter?

I live in good ‘ol Winterpeg, Manisnowba which means for a better part of the year I experience frigid temperatures. I’m pretty sure there are days where the polar bears are wondering why they haven’t moved yet! Haha

Jokes aside, the winter here in Winnipeg is quite dry so it takes a huge toll on my hair and skin as well as everyone in my family. We work really hard to increase the humidity in our house to reduce the dryness at this time of year.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a wide selection of new skin care products to keep you and your family’s skin healthy this winter PLUS you can earn Shoppers Optimum Points on participating skin care products.

Personally, there are a few products I wouldn’t mind purchasing for myself and/or my family that are offered at Shoppers Drug Mart:

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich – I like that it’s for women and men of all skin types. It hydrates the skin and brightens your complexion.   I used to use Vichy products quite heavily back in my younger days haha – perhaps it’s time to revisit their product line!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich

  • Two of my children have mild eczema and dry skin. When my daughter was younger I was an avid user of Aveeno products. It’s fragrance free and helps soothe extra dry skin.

Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Lotion

  • One item I know we will buy for sure is the Nivea Extra Nourishing Body Milk. My fiancé uses Nivea products as that’s what he grew up with in Poland and he continues use them now. He’s primarily bought the men’s line of products but this is an item we can all use.

Nivea Extra Nourishing Body Milk

Did you know?

You can go to any Shoppers Drug Mart and get a Skin Analysis completed in-store! The Beauty Experts use the beautyRx tool to:

  1. Measure your skins hydration levels with the Moisture Checker
  2. Magnify your skin’s surface by 30 times to help diagnose your skin type with the Video Microscope
  • Based on your readings, the Beauty Expert will recommend skin care products accordingly

I think at the very least everyone in Winnipeg should head out to Shoppers Drug Mart for a free beautyRx Skin Analysis – we need it! I know I will be checking it out for sure.

Stay warm and moisturize folks!




Although this post has been generously sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Shoppers Drug Mart.

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  1. Miracle Slim says:

    Appreciation to my father who informed me about this website, this website is actually awesome.

  2. MrDisco says:

    i like the Aveeno products. They do a pretty good job for fighting dry skin

  3. Paula R says:

    I do most of my shopping at Shoppers

  4. janice Cournoyer says:

    I use Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich. I have very dry skin, and this works.

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