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Increase Your Daily Water Intake with #BritaBootcamp #Giveaway

Alright folks, we are well into the new year and I know a lot of you have made some healthy resolutions. Did one of your resolutions include drinking more water on a daily basis?

In a recent study conducted by Brita, results showed that less than 50 per cent of Canadians are actually drinking the recommended two-to-three litres of water. Brita challenges you to drink the daily recommended 8-12 glasses of water a day. It’s one of the simplest ways to becoming a healthier you and being a part of that forty per cent! 


Some pretty interesting stats eh?

I used to struggle with drinking water in my younger days, because I just didn’t like the fact that I felt like I was drinking nothing! I know, not smart but hey, I’m older now and know better! I’m pretty sure my toddler/preschooler outdrinks all of us in the house because we make sure that water is the first thing he reaches for when he wants to quench his thirst.

Thankfully, that’s my new habit as well! I try very hard to make sure my daughters adopt this habit, especially for the healthiness of their skin. As their extracurricular activities increase, so does the need to ensure that they are taking care of themselves by staying hydrated.


Well guess what? I’m offering you fabulous readers a #BritaBootcamp giveaway featuring a Brita Grand Pitcher, a Brita Hard Sided bottle, and filters so you can both test-drive Brita’s products and stay on track with your resolutions! You know the drill, just enter below!

Brita Prize Pack

Good luck!


76 thoughts on “Increase Your Daily Water Intake with #BritaBootcamp #Giveaway”

  1. Interesting read! I knew what was good for us but it really does play an important part is every aspect of our lives. The 3 most important categories to me are:
    #1 Children
    #2 Health
    #3 Weight Loss
    Thanks for a great review and fun giveaway!

  2. Buying a Brita was the best thing we did. Our water cooler stopped working so I decided to try a Brita which we hadn’t tried in years. We love it! No more lugging heavy jugs. Cold water always available. The whole family is drinking more water now!

  3. My family is extremely important to me and all of us staying healthy through hydration & eating nutritious food is the key.

  4. Health because staying hydrated and feeling energetic are challenges Canadians face especially during dry, not-so-sunny winter weather, (general) Benefits because I didn’t realize water was that much of a support player in a functioning body (that list at the end), and most importantly, Children because all of the ways adults are helped by water are especially important for LOs as they grow up and develope. Water – important for adults and especially important for children.

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