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Recipe Ideas for a Stay At Home Date on Valentine’s Day #vdayin

Do you plan on having a stay at home date for Valentine’s Day or are you stepping out?

I had the opportunity to chat with Laura Vitale, self-taught internet cooking sensation about great ideas to stay at home this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, staying in isn’t for everyone (especially when you have kids haha), but Laura gives great recipe ideas for those of you who don’t feel like braving the potential crowds at a local restaurant this Valentine’s Day.

Listen here and then check out the recipes below:


In preparation for Valentine’s Day, ConAgra Foods issued a survey to better understand Millennials’ dinner plans and preferences. Here are a few highlights from the survey results:


Most Millennials “love to cook” (60%), but less than 20% say they have good recipes and ideas

52% of Millennials believe it’s more romantic to cook at home with their significant other than it is to go out to eat

40% of Millennials will stay in and cook this Valentine’s Day

56% of respondents will find their Valentine’s Day recipe by either searching on the web or watching an online cooking show

More than half Millennials say cost and crowded restaurants are barriers to dining out for Valentine’s Day

52% of respondents say Italian is the most romantic cuisine

71% of Millennials say chocolate is their top pick for dessert

Most Millennials have set their Valentine’s Day meal budget for $50-$100 – whether they are going out to eat or staying in


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[ultimate-recipe id=”7354″ template=”default”]

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Staying in or going out?

9 thoughts on “Recipe Ideas for a Stay At Home Date on Valentine’s Day #vdayin”

  1. It’s true- the restaurants are PACKED full of couples on Valentine’s Day. For a day to celebrate love, togetherness, & some alone time, the restaurants are not the place to be. It’s so much more intimate to cook a beautiful meal at home where it’s quiet. The Lemon Roasted Chicken Thighs look like a perfect, simple dish for Vday.

  2. Hubby has to work Saturday so we will be staying home. Going to make him Oven BBQ Rids, Twice Baked Potatoes, Green Beans and something for dessert (once I decide on it). I don’t think we have actually ever gone out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, just busy for us.

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