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It’s Tax Time! Tips and Tricks from Patrice Washington #Interview

Have you completed your taxes for 2014 yet?

If yes, kudos to you!

If not, you better get on it!

The deadline to file taxes in the USA is April 15, 2015 and the deadline to file in Canada is April 30, 2015. I may have done my taxes later than usual this year but at least they are done!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Patrice Washington about personal finances and how to make the most of your tax refund this year. Regardless if Patrice is from the States or not, her advice is invaluable to anyone in any country.


The importance of smart habits and behaviours regarding your personal finances are important in achieving financial success! Tax time is no laughing matter.


Patrice C. Washington has been making money educational yet fun since 2003 as a nationally recognized best-selling author of the Real Money Answers financial series, featured columnist, television commentator, transformational speaker, spokesperson, radio host and leading authority on personal finance, entrepreneurship and success for women and youth.

During our interview we touched on:

  • What to do if your family is still struggling with the aftermath of the recession and how to reinvent yourself
  • The biggest money hurdles for men and women and how to overcome them
  • Financial habits that have a big payoff
  • Making the most out of your tax refund

Of course we had a lil fun with it too! Check it out here and have a listen!

A licensed real estate professional by her sophomore year in college and a real estate and mortgage broker at 21 years old, Patrice took her boutique brokerage from the dining room of her 700 square foot condo to a 7-figure real estate empire by 25. After losing her fortune in the Great Recession, she dedicated her life to not just rebuilding and reinventing her own life, but helping the masses move from debt management to money mastery.

Patrice has overcome her financial challenges and now helps others to overcome theirs. She’s a true inspiration!

How simple are her tips? Crazy simple, the hard part is implementing them!

For those of my readers in the USA, be sure to visit My Free It’s a great tool and resource for you this tax season.

As for those of you in Canada, I personally use TurboTax Canada and have done so for almost 10 years!

Yup, I do it all by myself folks (and for my family members too)! It works for me, what works for you?

Do you have any additional tips to offer for this tax season?

Patrice and I would love to read them!

4 thoughts on “It’s Tax Time! Tips and Tricks from Patrice Washington #Interview”

  1. I’ve never used Turbotax before but used another tax software to do it online. The softwares make it so much easier!

  2. I use TurboTax too to do our taxes. I have had ours done for several weeks, I always like to get them done and out of the way.

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