#CarlsCrew #CommitToFit

Week 4 Sleep Challenge #CarlsCrew #CommitToFit #Giveaway

Ultimately the HARDEST part of this 6-week challenge for me! SLEEP!

#CarlsCrew #CommitToFit

Last week was all about physical activity, namely squats. I’ve participated in numerous squat challenges over the past year or so and this one was actually the easiest. Why? Well, because squats can literally be done anywhere, and I just made a point of doing it when I got to work, and right before I left work. Smart eh? It pays to have my own office haha The trick to all of this is to maintain and be consistent.

I honestly thought the water challenge would be hard for me, and I thought physical activity would be too, but this week’s sleep challenge is my absolute toughest. A full night of restful sleep? That hasn’t happened for a very long time! Just getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep is a stretch.

Sigh… For those of you who follow me on social media and have read many of my blog posts, I constantly elude to the fact that I never get any sleep. My wonderful soon-to-be 3 year old son is a major cause of that, but he’s not the only cause.


I can be my worst enemy. Many nights I stay up to finish up blog posts, catch up on emails or the news of the day. Many times I stay up with my fiance just so we can have some time together. The thing about him though is that he sleeps like a flippin rock, grrr, must be nice. However, I’m a super light sleeper, and literally a tiny door creak can wake me up.

[bctt tweet=”@SubwayCarl says: Sleep is important for giving our bodies energy and controlling our appetites.”]

Alas, what’s my remedy? I have a few options that I’ve thought of so far:

  1. Get my son to sleep in his own bed. (getting there slowly but surely)
  2. Go to bed at a decent hour – create a good downtime routine.
  3. Re-evaluate my pillows, they don’t seem to work for me. (We already bought a great new mattress last year)

Some folks have told me to take melatonin or another sleep aid. The closest I’ve come to any sleep aid is drinking pure chamomile tea before bed. I’m a little apprehensive to try anything else.

How about you? Do you sleep well every single night?

As you know I have been giving away a $25 Subway Canada gift card for each week of the challenge (with the exception of week 3 – too many techie issues). Week 6 will just have an extra gift card instead! Enter today πŸ™‚

I’m looking forward to your tips on this one folks!


Share your best tip on how to get a restful sleep each night.

32 thoughts on “Week 4 Sleep Challenge #CarlsCrew #CommitToFit #Giveaway”

  1. I wish I knew a good tip, but me and sleep are not best friends πŸ™ I am trying to go to bed at the same time each night and to read to try to relax. It might be helping a bit but I am still struggling.

  2. I have no clue how to get a good night’s sleep. I have an extreme amount of trouble going to sleep and staying asleep.

  3. have a regular bedtime and turn electronics off an hour before bedtime ..i also have a hot bath to relax

  4. I try to power off at 30 minutes before bedtime, darkened room, no caffeine late in evening and try to shut the worries of the day away.

  5. put the electronic away a nice while before you go to bed,and do not take them to bed with you!! πŸ™‚

  6. When i get to bed I read a couple chapters of a book I am reading. It helps me to relax and get to sleep

  7. It’s important to turn off all screens at least an hour before bed. The light will interfere with your body’s natural production of melatonin and cause sleep issues. Thanks for the chance to win!

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