Chocolate and Tea Pairing Ideas from Green & Blacks Organic

If there are two things I love to drink and eat, it’s tea and chocolate! Need I say more?

I literally have to have a piece of chocolate between 2:30pm and 3:00pm every day. Weird right?

What happens when I don’t? Well, my body goes into crave mode until I get some! By the way, I don’t eat just any chocolate, it has to be quality chocolate!

I LOVE milk chocolate, not a fan of dark chocolate unless absolutely necessary haha. Thankfully, my fiance loves his dark chocolate (no pun intended)!

As for tea, it seems as if it’s been a long standing family tradition to have tea a few times a day. Perhaps it’s the British influence from Jamaica, not totally sure, but every single person in my immediate and extended family drink tea multiple times a day. While I may start each day with a coffee, I end each day with a wonderful cup of tea. Even my children have the same habit! We always have a variety of teas in the pantry to suit our moods.

It’s one thing to have tea and chocolate separately, but it’s a whole new ball game to have them together!

Have you ever had chocolate and tea together?

I was pretty excited to try this new twist and share it with all of you: organic chocolate + organic tea = DIVINE!

Start a delicious family tradition this Mother’s Day by trying any chocolate and tea pairings.
Green & Black’s Organic tantalizes the taste buds with bold and scrumptious flavours. From the richest milk chocolate to the most intense dark chocolate. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day indulgence and a sweet way to say ‘thank you.’

Before we begin to discuss pairings there are some important notes to be mindful of when pairing chocolate and tea:

  • To protect your chocolate and tea, store in a cool, dry place away from other food items with strong flavours or smells to ensure the do not absorb any ambient flavours.
  • Always start with fresh-drawn water brought to a rolling boil, then allow it to cool to the desired temperature before beginning to steep your tea leaves.
  • Pre-heat your tea cups with additional boiling water to ensure tea is served nice and hot.
  • Chocolate should be served at room temperature on a glass or china platter. Tempting as it may look, serving chocolate on the saucer of your tea cup may cause melting and impact your tasting experience.
  • Begin by observing the look and smell of your tea and chocolate. To help detect the aroma of chocolate, pinch a small amount between your fingers.
  • When tasting the chocolate, let the chocolate melt slightly on your tongue before biting into it.
  • Try alternating which is first: a nibble of chocolate then tea, or a sip of tea then chocolate to release different tasting notes.

Did you know about any of these steps?

I sure didn’t! It makes a difference to your tasting experience.

I have 4 pairings that I decided to try based on the yummy chocolate bars that I received: a) Milk Chocolate, Ginger, Dark, and Butterscotch.


Green & Blacks suggested 2 pairings and I made a few modifications based on the teas I had in my pantry! Here are the pairing ideas:

a) Green & Black’s Organic Milk paired with Green Tea

The soothing and earthy flavours of green tea can be elevated when paired with rich, creamy milk chocolate. “The creaminess of our milk chocolate offers the perfect balance to the dry tannins in the tea, allowing the flavours to come together beautifully.”

GandBMilk Green Tea

As you can see I couldn’t wait to eat the milk chocolate, hence the packaging!

b) PegCityLovely’s Green & Black’s Organic Ginger paired with Jamaican Fever Grass (Lemongrass) Tea

I typically drink lemon and ginger tea with honey so I thought this combination would be prefect. The flavours really accent each other, yum!

GandBGinger Lemongrass

c) Green & Black’s Organic Dark 85% paired with Peppermint Tea

Fans of herbal teas can also enjoy delicious chocolate pairings. “The bold flavours found in mint tea requires a chocolate such as Green & Black’s Organic Dark 85% that is packed full of cocoa solids, giving a full-bodied chocolate taste. The extra cocoa butter and vanilla in this bar provide extra body and creaminess to the tea. Enjoying the two together is the ultimate dessert experience.”

GandBDark Peppermint

d) PegCityLovely’s Green & Black’s Organic Butterscotch with English Breakfast Tea

This full bodied and flavourful tea pairs well with the milky butterscotch for a very smooth tasting experience. Divine!

These are great ideas for Mother’s Day or any time of the year! Try them out and let me know what you think.

Which pairing would you like best and why?


  1. I have never had tea and chocolate together. I am also not really a fan of dark chocolate unless I am desperate.

  2. Nothing like chocolate and tea – great combo. I am by heart a total tea-toddler, must have it a couple times a day. With chocolate love to have snippets here and there.

  3. I would like to try the English Breakfast tea paired with the sweetness of the Green & Black’s Organic Butterscotch bar while I sit snuggled in my blanket watching Christmas movies!

  4. I have to admit that I really like pairing my chocolate with coffee more than tea. Green & Black’s Organic Dark 85% along with a cup of coffee is my fave!

  5. I like the mint combo… just because I love chocolate mint but I also wanted to say that I had no idea that you were supposed to allow the water to cool to desired temperature before beginning to steep the tea leaves!

  6. I like the idea of the dark with peppermint tea. Because chocolate and mint go together so well.

  7. These sound like wonderful pairings that would definitely relax you! Green tea and Milk chocolate sound lovely!

  8. I love the dark chocolate paired with my Green Tea. I wonder if this is fair trade chocolate .

  9. I love pairing chocolate with wine…why not tea too! I like the sound of d the most because it’s BUTTERSCOTCH!!!

  10. Oh My stars! I am obsessed with peppermint T and Dark Chocolate. I drink Pep T to settle my stomach Daily and the Antioxidant on top of the Glorious Taste of Dark is a Bonus. Thanks for the chance. <3

  11. The Green & Black’s Organic Butterscotch with English Breakfast Tea sounds absolutely heavenly!

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