June 11, 2015


You Don’t Have To Rely On Dr. Google For Your Ailments

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When’s the last time you used Dr. Google for medical reasons?

I gotta tell you the truth, I’m guilty of this. I used the good ‘ol doc recently during my recent anxiety attacks. I didn’t know what was happening to me, all I did know was that I wanted to know that very second what could possibly be wrong. I needed answers. That clearly turned out to be a more serious situation and I immediately sought a physician.

However, I’ve also used Dr. Google when my children have exhibited a rash or other skin ailment, insect bites, runny nose but no cold symptoms, or even researching what vitamins or supplements I may need for a bloated tummy. I’ve even used Dr. Google to see if I could take Advil and Tylenol together! These types of issues may not be urgent but important enough that I want to check them out for myself in a timely fashion.

SDM Pharmacy Ailments

“According to a new national poll, many Manitobans rely on “Dr. Google,” often to their own detriment – the vast majority has used the internet to figure out what their issue is (83 per cent), but more than a third say they got it wrong and misdiagnosed themselves (39 per cent)!”

How does accessing Dr. Google happen so easily?

There’s this crazy thing called the Internet and even crazier, the smartphone! At any given time, I have access to news, events, recipes, fashion and more at my finger tips, so why not medical information? Enter in a few search terms or phrases and VOILA within seconds, I have some sort of knowledge about what I was curious about.

So, how’s that working for ya?

Well, as with most information you can find on the Internet, you need to exercise caution. Be mindful of the websites providing you the information you require. Is it a recognized source? Is it reputable? Is it current?

Or, you can choose the alternative. For minor ailments, rather than wait to get into your family doctor or wait in even longer lines at the walk-in clinic, head on over to your local pharmacy where your pharmacist can give you a quick medical consultation and/or provide you with an over-the-counter treatment or prescription solution!

“Three in five Manitobans (59 per cent) were not aware pharmacists can assess and prescribe for minor ailments.  Manitoba is currently one of the lucky provinces in Canada where doctors are not the only option for getting prescriptions for minor ailments.”

Here are some treatment options for minor ailments:Slide1

Bet you didn’t know that your pharmacist had that additional skill eh? Speak with your local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist for more information and for treatment advice to deal with minor ailments you or your family might face.

What’s your craziest medically related Dr. Google experience?

*Disclosure: This post was supported by Shoppers Drug Mart; however, the content and opinions are mine, all mine!*


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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Dr Google can give you too much information at times! I will be honest and say that I do turn to the internet to search out symptoms etc but in the end I always get a professional opinion. I don’t think the pharmacists here can do the medical consultations yet.

  2. Suzie M says:

    Pharmacists are very well trained, they have an amazing amount of knowledge & are a great resource

  3. Phebe P. says:

    I have had a pharmacist let me know that I was having an allergic reaction. I had just left the doctors office. I was a bit surprised that they knew before the doctor.

  4. I actually found a really good, inexpensive way to treat a frequent problem… I even made my own capsules! I may not be a Doctor but with a lab coat I could play one on TV ( and in my bathroom!)

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